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Air driven dry-mix refractory gunning machine for sale

2021-08-24 17:09:11

Our refractory gunning machine for sale are widely used for spraying refractory materials such as kilns, boilers, furnaces, iron and steel plants, cement plants, and degasser linings. Refractory gunning machine is used for hot repair and cold repair of vacuum deaerator lining. This is achieved by spraying the refractory mixture onto the inner and outer surfaces in a highly advanced manner. This operation can be performed automatically or manually, and is completed by two refractory spray guns.

refractory gunning&mixer machine

Refractory spraying machines include electric refractory spraying machines and fully pneumatic refractory spraying machines. No matter what kind of refractory gunning machine needs an air compressor to provide compressed air.

Today I will focus on our air driven dry-mix refractory gunning machine.

air driven dry-mix refractory gunning machine

pneumatic refractory gunning machine

GZ-5AR air driven dry-mix refractory gunning machine for sale is specially designed for refractory spraying, with an output of 5m3/h, which can accept the maximum value. The aggregate particle size is 15mm, driven by a pneumatic motor, equipped with a pressurized water pump and a pre-damped refractory nozzle to ensure that you can use the machine when you get it. Many famous companies such as Vesuvius, DANIELI and KERNEOS also use our spray gun machine.

The pneumatic refractory gunning machine does not require any power source and is suitable for use in remote work sites without power source.

For dry-mix refractory gunning machines, the sealing plate and steel rotor plate are the key components. We provide our machines with high-quality sealing plates and steel rotor plates. Generally, the service life of the sealing plate is about 300m3, and the service life of the steel rotor plate is about 20,000m3.

GZ-5AR Air driven dry-mix refractory gunning machine for sale is a pneumatic all-pneumatic direct cavity rotor type refractory spraying machine.

1. 5-cylinder piston air motor refractory spray gun machine
2. Pneumatic transmission system, pneumatic triple parts refer to air filter, safety valve and oil mist
3. Refractory spray gun machine with dust bag
4. Refractory spray gun machine with dust removal gun
5. Heavy-duty solid wheel
6. Couplings and fixtures, couplings and fixtures are available as follows:
7. Lightweight nozzle, new type of pre-damped nozzle!
8. Glue hose of refractory glue spraying machine
9. High-pressure water pump, 6 bar pressure to ensure that the water is fully atomized and mixed evenly.

high pressure water pump with 35m hose

refractory gunning machine with pre-damped nozzle

new type of pre-damped nozzle of refractory gunning machine

When using our air driven dry-mix refractory gunning machine, just add water to the nozzle. The refractory gunning machine for sale is equipped with a high-pressure water pump for high-pressure water and atomization in the nozzle. At the same time, the refractory shotcrete machine is also equipped with a new type of pre-damped nozzle assembly. Compared with other ordinary nozzles, the rebound rate is lower, the dust is less, and the amount of water added is reduced. Equipped with ABB frequency converter, the output of refractory glue machine can be adjusted according to customer project requirements.

Today, Gaodetec dry-mix refractory gunning machines have been exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Qatar, UAE and other countries, and have received good feedback from export customers all over the world. For the drive type of refractory gunning machine, we can provide motor drive and pneumatic motor for customers to choose.

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