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How to adjust the falling speed of hydraulic lifting jack?

2023-03-29 18:38:33

Hydraulic lifting jack is suitable for all kinds of lifting operations with small lifting height. When working, just turn the crank handle back and forth to make the manual oil pump continuously press oil into the hydraulic lifting jack. As the oil pressure in the hydraulic lifting jack continues to increase, it will Force the piston and the weight on the piston to move upward together. Open the oil return valve, the high-pressure oil in the oil cylinder will flow back to the oil storage chamber, so the weight and the piston will fall together.

adjust hydraulic lifting jack

For the application of hydraulic lifting jack, when adjusting the speed of the synchronous loop, the two hydraulic lifting jacks should be adjusted to the same starting position first, and then the speed is adjusted, but if there is air in the hydraulic lifting jack, the speed will be unstable. During the commissioning process, open the exhaust valve of the hydraulic lifting jack to remove the air trapped in the hydraulic lifting jack. For the hydraulic lifting jack without an exhaust valve, it is necessary to transport the hydraulic lifting jack back and forth several times, and at the same time loosen the pipe joint of the oil return chamber properly during the movement, and tighten the pipe after seeing the oil overflowing from the threaded connection. connector.

double acting hydraulic lifting jack

In the process of debugging the hydraulic lifting jack, the buffer equipment should be adjusted together until the stability requirements of the tissue carried by the hydraulic lifting jack are met. If the buffer equipment of the hydraulic lifting jack is non-adjustable, the hydraulic jack must be disassembled, and then installed and debugged after passing the debugging on the test bench.

Hydraulic lifting jack speed debugging should be carried out circuit by circuit (the system drives and controls the hydraulic system of a mechanical organization). When debugging a circuit, other circuits should be closed (without oil). When adjusting the speed, it is necessary to adjust the gap of the guide rail and the position accuracy of the moving parts of the hydraulic lifting jack at the same time, so as not to cause the transmission parts to be over-tightened and stuck. And it should be done under normal oil pressure and normal oil temperature. For hydraulic systems that require high speed stability, the speed changes should be observed under load conditions.

falling speed of hydraulic lifting jack

After adjusting the speed of the hydraulic lifting jack, adjust the stroke orientation, program action and safety interlocking equipment of each hydraulic lifting jack. The trial operation can only be carried out after all the objectives have met the planning requirements.

The above is the introduction of related work on debugging hydraulic lifting jack. I hope the above content will be helpful to you. If you want to know more relevant information, you can contact us directly, email: info@gaodetec.com

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