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300ton capacity double acting hydraulic jack for prestress engineering

2022-04-15 13:56:26

We are hydraulic jack for prestress engineering supplier and manufacturer from China with 20 years‘’ work experience, we can supply you with 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 1200 1500 2000 ton capacity double acting hydraulic jack for prestress engineering.

300ton double acting hydraulic jack

The high-pressure double acting hydraulic jack for prestress engineering is powered by ZB series high-pressure electric oil pump, which has the functions of oil pressure rebound and overflow. It is designed with a safety protection booster to protect against emergency overpressure, and the special structure can protect the oil cylinder.

hydraulic jack for prestress engineering

The double acting hydraulic jack for prestress engineering can withstand a partial load of 5% of the rated pressure. High-pressure alloy cylinders are very durable, especially in larger projects, and are easy to operate and control.
 double acting hydraulic jack
It can be used for hoisting heavy machinery, bridge engineering, water conservancy engineering, port construction, and other equipment.

300ton hydraulic jack for prestress engineering

It has the advantages of large output, lightweight, remote control, etc. It can be matched with our high-pressure oil pump to achieve jacking, push-pull, extrusion, and other work. 
 300ton hydraulic jack

Advantages of double acting hydraulic jack for prestress engineering:
* If large-capacity work and piston return are required, a large-tonnage double-acting hydraulic jack (50-2000 tons) can be selected.
* When you need to pass through PC steel strands, steel wires, or anchor bolts (50-2000 tons), you can choose a double-acting hollow jack.
*If you want to install a jack on some work platforms, you need a flanged hydraulic jack (10-630 tons).
*Single-acting hydraulic jacks are used for work of smaller tonnage and stroke (10-100 tons).
* With special tools to pass through cables or pull rods, single-acting hydraulic hollow jacks (12-100 tons) can be selected.
* Single-acting hydraulic jacks with locknuts can be used on job sites (55-200 tons) that maintain pressure for a long time.
* Ultra-thin hydraulic jacks are used in narrow working spaces (10-200 tons).
* The electric oil pump is matched with various hydraulic jacks, and there are double-acting and single-acting options.
* The hydraulic hand pump is also used to match with the hydraulic jack, and the customer has no requirement for the work efficiency.
 300ton hydraulic jack for sale

All tonnages, strokes, and heights can be customized according to customer requirements, we can providthe best quality and service of 300ton capacity double acting hydraulic jack for prestress engineering. Our warranty period is 1 year.

hydraulic jack for sale


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