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Drilling Rig routine maintenance

2015-03-17 10:01:23

First,Drilling Rig periodic inspection of the project
1.the main structure of the Drilling Rig status, structural connector bolts connecting pin structure, each structure welds basket structure and security status check, especially before the approach used, should have a qualified its units Safety performance testing, qualified before use;
2. on a regular basis on a variety of power head, working cylinder, check the condition of the drill bit;
3.periodically winch rope reel anti-fall device and the height of side edges, the roll wall situation, the number of weeks in the tail of the rope on the reel to be checked, in particular, the situation should be the focus of the brake port to be checked at any time projects ;
4. Check the electrical system, mainly the project: a dedicated electrical box set and short circuit protection and leakage protection devices, emergency off switch, electrical boxes damping device, fixed, lighting circuits, ground wire on non-working equipment for cable carrier zero flow lines;

Second, the Drilling Rig should always check items
1.steel Si Shengsheng end consolidation inspect;
Check the contents of the rope is: the number of turns of wire rope safety, rope selection, installation, lubrication, wire rope defect inspection, such as wire diameter and wear, broken wire quantity;
2.ready to Drilling Rig a pulley system checks, mainly the project: the pulley body condition, transition pulley anti-skipping devices;
3. ready for drilling Drilling Rigs running system checks, mainly the project: walking pile pipe, pallets and hook pipe system status, laying sleepers;
Third.do Drilling Rig maintenance records, the replacement of parts due to the detailed records of spare parts in order to ensure the validity of the use of, or to keep the next replacement time;
Fourth.check out the Drilling Rig failure, should immediately stop operation, should not be used until the fault is not excluded.

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