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How to solve the problem of concrete pumping pipe blockage?

2015-01-09 16:00:54

Concrete pump as the current is very common kind of concrete transport, has been in the energy, water, transportation, defense and other fields has been very widely used. However, many concrete pump in operation, can occur due to various reasons pipe blockage phenomenon, once this situation, how to solve concrete pumping pipe blockage problem? Specifically, we introduce now follows.
Experts pointed out: concrete pump pipe blockage problem is very common in the current construction process, if there is blocking the tube, then you should take timely measures to be clear, so as to guarantee the smooth progress of the project. How to solve the concrete pumping pipe blockage problem? Can be checked from the following aspects.

1.pipeline inspection
Pump work closely and check the performance of concrete pipes, to ensure it is in good working condition. Also check the delivery piping layout to minimize pipe, especially ≤90 ° of elbow. Also before pumping concrete, proposals must be lubricated using a mortar pipe lubrication.

2.Check the material
Before delivery, it is recommended to check the specifications of the material meets the specifications, such as gravel particle size, particle shape meets the pumping requirements, in addition to checking into the pump at the work ability of the concrete mixture, sand ratio is appropriate, whether the large cement blocks, Mixture is bleeding, or whether there will be caught at the end compaction and other phenomena, if these phenomena, it is recommended to take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

Before delivery, you can check into the pump at the concrete slump, cohesiveness adequacy slump if insufficient condition occurs, should be adequate to improve concrete admixture content, or mixed with the right amount at the pump at the super plasticizer, once the concrete cohesiveness shortage occurs, can amount to increase the rate of sand or ash mixed with the right amount of class ⅱ. Initial inspection of concrete slump is ≥20 cm, if the concrete slump loss caused by concrete block pump fast phenomenon, the point should first solve the problem of the loss of the concrete.

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