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pneumatic diaphragm pumps failure

2015-01-07 10:00:05

Working Principle and Failure Analysis

1.works diaphragm and systems
Tube entrance diaphragm pressure relief device attached buffer, the outlet piping is attached damping pressure tanks, compressed air via two intake pressure is small, in order to reduce vibration when the pump is in operation, by the reciprocating motion of the piston in the hydraulic pressure chamber controlled by the diaphragm within the diaphragm rod stroke, thus completing the transport of sludge. Craft frame sludge watering system is sludge (solid content of 8%) through after dosing, diaphragm pump sludge pressed into frame, when the internal pressure reaches frame l. 4MPa process when you complete a run; diaphragm is the key equipment of the whole system.

2.Check the fault is generated when the pneumatic diaphragm pumps is running
Through careful observation of the work process diaphragm pumps found that when the pressure to work more than 0.9MPa big shock when the pump output jitter amplitude pipeline. Now the adjusting tube inlet means and an outlet pressure relief cushion damping pressure tank piping intake pressure can not eliminate the vibrations, and the fixed base over time causing the pump tube holder are all loose, to a certain time along with the pump vibration. After the disintegration of the pump check diaphragm is damaged, the reason is the top of the diaphragm is diaphragm rod limit position, causing the diaphragm at the center of the diaphragm rod connected to breakage, deformation of the diaphragm rod and therefore can no longer be used; the piston rod assembly damage caused by the two threaded rod retaining nut off, rod also scrapped; liner and piston wear is mainly caused by too much pressure go up.

3.pneumatic diaphragm pumps damage cause analysis
Based on the inspection results diaphragm diaphragm can contact the manufacturer.

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