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1000ton double acting lift hydraulic jack cylinder for sale

2020-10-13 18:19:53

1000ton double acting lift hydraulic jack cylinder for sale 
Gaodetec is a professional hydraulic jack manufacturer. Our jacks include single-acting jacks, double-acting jacks, self-locking jacks, and there are supporting oil pumps to choose from. 1000ton lift hydraulic cylinder for sale mainly used for jacking. It is suitable for large-scale construction projects and is convenient for operation and control. The hydraulic jack is equipped with a tilt able saddle to reduce the buffer capacity of the jack when it is in use and increase the service life of the jack. High-pressure hydraulic jacks are mainly used for the installation of industrial equipment such as electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway bridges, shipbuilding, and lifting and handling operations.

1000ton double acting hydraulic jack

1000ton double acting hydraulic jack are tension jacks with two functions: when tension is applied to the prestressed gangway, the tension steel rod and the top pressure anchor. In other words, one function is to clamp the steel strand to apply tension, and the other function is to push the clip into the anchor ring, and then clamp the pre-stressed steel strand. The liquid pressure in the1000ton double acting hydraulic cylinder is the same everywhere. Therefore, in a balanced system, the pressure of the small piston is low and the pressure of the large piston is high, so that the liquid remains stationary.

1000ton double acting hydraulic cylinder

The working process of the 1000ton lift hydraulic jack for sale is as follows: The tension of the steel strand is usually generated by the hydraulic jack. When tensioning, we will first fix the steel strands inside the construction project with anchors, and then the lift hydraulic jack cylinder for sale will generate tension under the action of the oil pump. When using large multi-strand jacks, the load carried by the strands depends on the supply the pressure of the hydraulic oil of the jack or the extension of the stranded wire. The wedge-shaped handle fixes each stranded wire under high pressure, and permanently fixes the stranded wire on the construction building after pressure. When pressure is applied and fixed, the jack can be removed. After the steel strand is stretched by the jack, it will have a stronger bearing capacity. It can help improve the compression resistance of the construction building and enhance the service life.

1000ton lift hydraulic jack for sale

Precautions when using 1000ton lift hydraulic cylinder for sale:
1. If you lose control during use, please loosen the oil drain screw on the pump body, lift the pump body vertically, move it down, and then tighten the oil drain screw to continue using it.
2. In order to avoid the risk of damaging the jack, please do not increase the load or any part of the overload during use. When the load is too heavy, do not remove the quick connector to avoid accidents or damage to the parts.
3. The hydraulic jack uses oil as the medium, and the oil and the machine must be fully maintained to prevent blockage or oil leakage, thereby affecting the use effect.
4. Strictly abide by the technical specifications during the operation, and regularly check and maintain according to the usage.

1000ton lift hydraulic cylinder for sale

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