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Small concrete pump used in house building industry


Small portable concrete pump has wide used for conveying light weight cement, foamed concrete, wet concrete, mortars, concrete and aggregates.

Gaode small concrete pump specifically for use in the 
house building industry, but can be also used for grout and more. 

Portable Concrete Pumps


Small Concrete Pump Rental


small concrete pump

Small portable concrete pump
 safety rules:

1. If the small concrete pump used in house building industry is powered by an electric motor or a diesel engine, please follow the "Motor Safety Rules" or "Diesel Engine Safety Rules" when using the part.

2. The pipeline should be firmly supported, and the connector should be firmly connected, and it is not allowed to pressurize or hang heavy objects on the pipeline.

3. Check whether the electrical equipment is in good condition, whether the various instruments are normal, whether the transmission safety device, the hopper filter and the safety device are complete and reliable. The operating switches, buttons, handles, etc. of all parts should be in the correct positions.

4. Check whether the coupling parts are loose, and the tightness of the transmission chain should be kept within the predetermined range.

5. Open the bleed valve, open the motor to idle for 2-3 minutes, and check whether the normal rotation direction of each part is correct.

6. During the pumping process, pay attention to the pressure gauge indicating that the pressure exceeds the specified pressure, and immediately find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

7. The abrasion of the extrusion tube should be checked. If plasma leakage is found, the machine should be shut down for inspection, repair or replacement in order to continue operation. If blockage is found, check and deal with it in time.

8. Shut down due to failure, open the vent valve to lower the squeeze and eliminate the failure. There is no concrete pump that has zero pressure drop, and does not remove the air chamber, pressure relief valve and pipeline, but extends into the operation that the pump body cannot handle.

9. During the operation of the machine, it is forbidden to carry out any adjustment and maintenance work that cannot be climbed or rided on the pipeline.

10. After the production is completed, the pumping of concrete to the slurry should be stopped and all the concrete should be sent out, according to the following shutdown sequence:

1) Stop pumping

2) Turn off the power.

11. When the small concrete pump is stopped, immediately remove the hopper and concrete pipeline, and clean (flush water or air) the pump, hopper valve box, pipeline, etc. When cleaning, personnel should leave the exhaust nozzle and elbow joint to avoid accidents.

12. When cleaning the parts of the rotary pump manually, you should stand in a safe position and be careful not to slip into the mixing tank (barrel). When cleaning the pump casing, be careful not to let water enter the electric box, solenoid valve and other parts. After cleaning the range hood outside the electric box, clean it with water.

13. After cleaning each circuit switch, turn off the knife and leave.

Small concrete pump used in house building industry

Gaode Equipment offer concrete pump equipment with different output and power. If you want buy s
mall concrete pump used in house building industry, please email us. Email address: info@gaodetec.com 

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