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How to choose suitable recessed plate filter press


The sewage treatment plant, in order to save costs, usually choose self-build sewage pool, reaction tank, sedimentation tank to solve the sewage to be treated, but when selecting the recessed plate filter press, they don’t know how to choose suitable recessed plate filter press to process the sewage to be treated every day.
Here, a rough introduction - this method is very popular, and common factory is suitable for this method to calculate the sewage treatment capacity and choose suitable type filter press.

plate filter press

This method is mainly for the recessed plate filter press produced by our company. The commonly calculation methods include wet sludge volume method and dry sludge volume method.
Suspended solids method etc., and among these design calculation methods, the wet sludge volume method is relatively accurate and easily get the data source. It is recommended to use this method to calculate the filtration area.

recessed plate filter press

Wet sludge volume method:
1. Filter area standard: The filter area of ​​the filter press manufactured according to the national standard is equivalent to a solid volume of 15L per square.
2. Before pressure filtration: volume V1 (M3), water content of sewage before pressure filtration a=97.5%~99.2% (general experience value).
3. After pressure filtration: volume V2 (M3), sludge moisture content after pressure filtration b=75%.
4. Filter press cycle: the number of filter presses per day t.
5. Solid content balance method: V1 × (1-a) = V2 × (1-b), so V2 = V1 × (1-a) / (1-b).
6. Filtration area: =1000×V2/15/t=1000×V1×(1-a)/(1-b)/15/t.
7. For example: one Hardware Factory, after daily treatment (to the sludge concentration tank), the amount of wet sludge is V1=6.0 M3, and the water content is a=98.0%. It is planned to treat the sludge concentrated sludge once a day. It needs to use the filter area of ​​the filter press = 1000 × 6.0 × (1 - 98%) / (1 - 75%) / 15 / 1 = 32, according to the calculation, suggest choose 35M2 (more than 32 M2) XMYJ35/800-UB recessed plate filter press.
So do you want to choose suitable recessed plate filter press to treat the sewage for your sewage plant.
If yes, please send email to info@gaodetec.com for more information and without any hesitation. 


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