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Double piston mortar spraying machine for building application


The machine consists of a push mechanism, a distribution mechanism, a pneumatic control and injection mechanism, and an electronic control device. The mortar spraying machine  is mainly a professional spraying equipment specially used for spraying mortar. It can be used for spraying mortar with particles below 5 mm.

Piston mortar spraying machine


The mortar spraying machine can be used not only for spraying but also for injecting mortar. In addition, the mortar spraying machine is also called a rapid mortar spraying machine because of high efficiency of spraying speed.
Because the sprayable cement is called a mortar machine abroad; it can also be called multi-function sprayer because it can spray putty powder, refractory material, latex paint and fireproof material.

At the end of construction, remove the spray gun head and open the quick connector that connects the discharge port to the transfer hose. Press the cleaning ball into the delivery tube and restore it.
Open the quick hose clamp at the bottom of the ball valve box and disengage the inlet and the hopper to clean the concrete and clean it restore it, refill the hopper with fresh water and pump it until the cleaning ball is pressed out of the delivery line by water and ensure the delivery tube which are no residual sand grains in the road.

mortar spraying machine mortar spraying machine application

The mortar spraying machine application can be used not only for wall plastering, but also for splicing between the outer frame of the window and the wall hole, as well as the tube root, etc.
Last but not least, when piston mortar spraying machine operate, operators should wear safety helmets and safety glasses as well as face shields to ensure that the splashed sand does not get hurt by the eyes and face during the spraying process on the construction surface.
If you want to know more about our this machine, please contact us timely. We are always here. 

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