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Jet grouting equipment for soil stabilization


Jet grouting for soil stabilization is a highly specialized technique used to create an in situ mass of improved soil also called soil-cement. A drill rig advances a relatively small diameter jet grout tool to the bottom of the proposed treatment zone and horizontally injects fluid grout at high velocity. The drill tool is withdrawn and rotated at a constant rate as the grout erodes and mixes the surrounding soil to create a soil-cement column from the bottom elevation upwards. As the grout column expands and solidifies the subsoil is consolidated and stabilized.

Typically, jet grouted columns are constructed in an array or sequence of some kind to provide an improved soil mass. Gaode Equipment jet grouting drilling rigs are widely used in jet grouting projects.

Jet grouting method
is widely used in following application:

1. For construction of horizontal barriers
2. Control of groundwater
Jet columns can act as horizontal barriers to control the ground water around dams or areas of contaminated ground. This also decreases the soil permeability.
3. Underpinning
Jet grouting can be employed as a method to stabilize foundation systems mainly shallow ones. The procedure involves drilling through the nearby foundation and making a stable bed underneath the footing for better load distribution.
4. Tunneling
Jet grouting stabilizes the local area under tunnel construction so that heavy equipment required for tunneling can be used without destabilizing the nearby areas.

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Jet grouting for soil stabilization

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