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Double Acting Hydraulic Jack And Electric Oil Pump Used For Pushing Heavy


Gaodetec brand double acting hydraulic jack and electric oil pump own have the following features, promise quality.
Double acting hydraulic jack, hydraulic piston return; piston rod plating 40Cr metal layer increase surface brightness and hardness prevent air corrosion. The piston and the guide ring are made of copper, which is more wear resistant.

hydraulic jack

The special guide ring design can withstand an eccentric load of up to 5% of the rated load capacity of the jack. It is equipped with a dust-proof ring to prevent dust from entering the cylinder. All models include quick connectors and dust caps.
Up to 13 seals inside the cylinder to ensure sealing performance and extend service life.

double acting hydraulic jack electric oil pump

We will recommend different hydraulic jack for customers according tonnage, stroke and application:

1. Require multiple jacks to lift at the same time or multi-point synchronous jacking, please choose electric synchronous hydraulic jack.

2. For objects that require heavy lifting, please choose electro-hydraulic jack

3. If you need to replace the bridge support, please choose the thin synchronous hydraulic jack.

4. If you need long-term load work, please choose self-locking hydraulic jack.

5. Limited operating space should choose ultra-thin hydraulic jack with low body height. 

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