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Hot selling grout pump in Vietnam


Positive displacement grout pump Vietnam, it is widely used in soil nails grouting, foundation stabilization grouting, soil compaction grouting, micro-tunneling grouting, tunnel lining grouting and injection. Could be also used in other civil engineering groutings etc. Injection and grouting projects.
The Positive displacement grout pump in Vietnam, mixer capacity is 300L, agitator volume is also 300L. Pump flow and pressure have low speed and high speed. 0-75L/min,0-50Bar (high speed); 0-38L/min ,0-100bar (low speed). The maximum batch size can be calculated to 90% of the container volume. Usually, water cement ratio is more than 0.5:1. And based on special design, could lower to 0.32.

grout pump in Vietnam

The grout pump flow and pressure capacity are sufficient to perform a satisfying grout operation. The grout pressure is one of the main of the three major factors for the penetration distance. The other two factors are grout mixer and the effective fissure aperture. If the flow speed is too low, the separation will start early and the cement settle and clumps of the cement start to grow. So during the pre-grouting works, the pressure is very important. The grouting result depends on flow and pressure, so it should be always be possible to adjust the grout pressure and grout flow during the grouting projects.
The positive displacement grout pump produced by us, it could adjust the flow and pressure. Full hydraulic type pump, it is better during the working than the mechanical type grout pump.

Hot selling grout pump

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