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We should learn how to place pipe when concrete pump used for high building


As long with higher living standard, everywhere we can see high buildings. The higher building and the higher requirement for concrete pump, because concrete pump and conveying height problem are easily to come, so we must face the problem--placing pipe.

 As a concrete pump manufacturer, not only we can supply a best concrete pump price, but also we can help you solve many problems. Firstly, how to prepare the pipes of concrete pump and conveying pipe?

 A. The placement of pipe quickly abrasion, it should notice safe. For 125A high pressure pipe, max. Thickness of conveying pipe where close to the outlet is 4mm, the thickness of pipe at the end of hose and grouting site can be low to 3.5mm.

 B. When placing pipe, in order to reduce conveying resistance, we should try to shorten conveying distance, shorten bent pipe, but it should be sure smoothly convey.

 C. The end of hose should be placed vertically. If it need to be placed horizontally, hose can’t be bent.

 D. High pressure convey pipe can’t be packed with low pressure convey pipe. It must use high pressure pipe when high pressure.

 E. Don’t use damaged pipe, flawed pipe and too thin pipe.

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concrete pump used for high building


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