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Wet spraying machine safety rules

2014-12-15 15:23:11

Preparatory work before starting:
1. Check the line connection of the electronic control system is reliable, the body is grounded, with or without leakage phenomenon. Determine the water off valve, clean water off valve in the off position, give water connections and water connections. Check the host inside the gearbox and transmission lubricant metering pump is sufficient.
2. Determine the pneumatic conveying system upper hand vacuum valve, the sub-air duct manual shut-off valve in the off position, turn on the main duct pressure air source.
3, the concrete ducts and duct accelerator respectively connected with the nozzle and the body.
4, to determine the metering pump flow.
5, it is set motor rotation.
6, adjusting clamping device. Check the upper and lower surfaces of the sealing plate combined with no gas leak is appropriate.
7. Check the accelerator conveyor systems, conveyor lines to determine the accelerator without clogging.
8, to determine the accelerator supply off valve in the off position, the accelerator tank filled liquid accelerator.

Operating procedures:
1. Boot: After preparation, pneumatic conveying system to open the main air duct, windward road, the road winds down, the secondary air duct manual shut-off valve. Accelerating agent delivery system switches off the water supply valve, the washing water on-off valve, quick-setting agent supplying opening and closing valve. Electronic control system closes the main switch DK, control power switch DYK, the main motor air switch 1DK, in turn starts the metering pump motor, vibration motor, the main motor, then add mixing materials and equipment into the normal working state to the hopper.
2. Stop: Stop before injection, stop feeding, no deposit material in the hopper to be observed at the free stream of spray nozzles, the spraying nozzle spout left hand side by the spray operator accelerator shutdown supply switch valve, the switch valve opens the water supply, the washing water off valve. Then wash accelerator transfer line, feed hopper and rotor cavity residual material. Clean after the first shut-off valve of the main motor and water supply. Until no liquid spray nozzle at the time, and then shut down the metering pump motor, clean water shut-off valve, cut off the main air duct, according to maintenance and maintenance methods for machine maintenance.

During operation, if there is air duct pipe blockage caused by increased pressure and abnormal, should be turned off, after troubleshooting, may continue to be used.
During operation, should pay close attention to the box solution accelerator
Bit instructions. When the liquid level to the lower limit should be added immediately accelerator. Generally once every hour to be added.

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