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The usage of slurry pump

2014-09-04 18:30:25

The usage of slurry pump
Slurry pump operation is relatively simple, can say as long as the press the switch of the pump, the material will be output, but at the time of operation or there to watch.Slurry pump can transport ph and organic matter, also can be used for conveying and turbid fluid, such as concrete, mortar, etc. Can be delivery, a wide range of practical.Methods the operation of slurry pump has so what time is it, here is to make a brief introduction.
One, check the slurry pump parts and bolts are in good condition, if an exception is handled in a timely manner;Second, to add material slurry pump, are generally not mortar car, want to add material at the beginning, the proportion set, and then to make, again through the slurry pump delivery;Three, open the related pipe valves, and then start the power switch, the material conveying;Fourth, do a good job in security work, mainly is above ground and not to pump water, do a good job in security work;Five, for slurry pump maintenance, after work, want to undertake the appropriate maintenance, so as to ensure the normal use of the next.
Above methods to the operation of the slurry pump is introduced, you can go to look at, believe that it is helpful to oneself, actually mortar pump its operation is very simple, but also should pay attention to good safety operation, achieve the safety in production.

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