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The introduction of steel pipe and application of prestressed anchorage

2014-10-28 16:57:26

The introduction of steel pipe and application of prestressed anchorage
The application of prestressed anchorage of steel pipe is hollow structure, usually cylindrical, for material.What is the application of steel tube in prestressed anchorage?It is mainly used to convey fluids, suspended in liquid gas or solid, i.e., mud.It also used as a pipeline for the electric wires.
Prestressed anchorage probably made out of bamboo as early as possible, the application of steel tube used by the Chinese BC carrying water c. 5000 BC the egyptians do the first metal copper pipe c. 3000, until the iron becomes relatively cheaper in 18 points.Most pipe by boring stone or wood, clay, leading role, and and, occasionally, copper or bronze.Modern materials including cast iron, cast iron, steel, copper, brass, lead, concrete, wood, glass and plastic.By welding the application of the prestressed anchorage of steel tube with small bending steel bar into a tube form and the longitudinal seam welding by resistance, by oxyacetylene, or by heating tube and press edge together.Seamless tube surrounded by with a nose of a shaft was done for the pierced the elongated metal solid length.Prestressed anchorage at www.ytyuyingli.com
Prestressed anchorage, the application of steel tube is introduced in the early 20th century., material for extreme is widely used in high pressure and temperature.Cast iron pipe, so in general, in the 1840 s, better corrosion resistance than the application of prestressed anchorage of steel pipe and is often use underground.Clay and concrete pipe usually carrying sewage, and the concrete pipe are used to transport irrigation with low pressure;For moderate pressure, strengthening with steel or concrete mixed with asbestos.Seamless copper and brass tubes to use for piping and boiler.Because of its resistance to corrosion of the soft and, don't use for flexible connection and for carrying drinking water piping.Chemical products and food industry use glass tube.During world war ii development plastic pipe manufacturers to replace metal in short supply.PVC pipe is widely used today delivery of wastewater and some corrosive liquid.
A pipeline carrying water, gas, oil and many other fluid long distance.Placed in the pipeline, 40 ft (12 m) the application of prestressed anchorage of seamless steel tube part of the electrons are welded together, when held in the groove.Before being lowered into place the pipe with protective paint and composed with material of asbestos and glass fiber felt to be treated.Pump station to find 50 to 75 mi (80-120 - km) separate help to reduce the pressure of the backup for as many as 1500 lb per square.Throughout the year.Must be made to "pig rules use clean, through suitable for negative charge pipe or", or the washing ball, inserted at one end and the tide delivery pipeline system.Pipeline 6 (15 cm) to 24 (60 cm) diameter will move its content in about 3 to 6 mi (5-10 km) per hour.
Since the ancient times called aqueduct in the pipes, Water has been moved.During the 19 points, the first pipeline gas and oil in the United States has been repaired.In many parts of the world today is different fluid is very important means of transport.Trans Arabian pipes, carrying oil from the Persian gulf to the Mediterranean, long-term 1000 mi (1600 km).There are more than 180000 mi (288000 km) pipeline in the United States alone.

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