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The diaphragm filter press in the application of palm oil extraction

2014-09-05 13:54:15

 Diaphragm filter press has a very wide range of applications, it can be used in many areas, is the most important of all pressure filtration equipment, a front also give everyone tells the story of the use of many industries, small make up today to talk about is the diaphragm filter press in palm oil extraction applications, let everyone know how to do the diaphragm filter press is extraction of palm oil, also let people more familiar with its powerful functions.

With diaphragm filter press to dry after separation of palm oil, palm oil and other oil than the biggest characteristic is the high yield and planting cost is very low, and is a significant price advantage, so the diaphragm filter press is widely used in palm oil extraction, and obtained the approval.Palm oil extraction technology has a good variety of, such as a dry separation, separation of surfactant, solvent separation method, can get different quality, different performance of the separation of products, for the saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids in palm oil accounted for half of the component, we see palm oil is usually room temperature of semi-solid state.Diaphragm filter press is the biggest characteristic is to filter frame for the diaphragm, through hydraulic device tightly press filter cloth on the filter plate, there are the diaphragm filter press, separation of palm oil can selectivity of high performance, is a good way to improve the one thousand palm oil separation of single and was deeply loved by consumers.

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