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How to return the synchronous hydraulic jack?

2022-10-19 23:31:23

At the bottom of the synchronous hydraulic jack, there is a knob that can be turned left and right, which is the oil return valve of the synchronous jack. This oil return valve plays a vital role in the entire hydraulic system, so how do we operate the oil return valve when we use a synchronous hydraulic jack?

synchronous jacking hydraulic jack

First of all, it is necessary to have a general understanding of the flow direction of the hydraulic oil in the synchronous hydraulic jack, which is to use the manual lever to push the hydraulic oil from the oil storage tank to the main oil tank, so as to achieve the purpose of lifting.

The oil return valve at the bottom of the synchronous hydraulic jack connects the main oil tank and the oil storage tank. The left-handed closed oil circuit can ensure that the hydraulic oil in the main oil tank will not return under heavy pressure, thereby ensuring the stability of the lifting.

return the synchronous jacking hydraulic jack

What do we do when our lifting job is complete and the lifting sleeve needs to be lowered? That's right, turn the oil return valve to the right to open the oil circuit connecting the main oil tank and the oil storage tank. The hydraulic oil returns to the oil storage tank under heavy pressure, and the sleeve smoothly descends to the bottom and returns to the initial state.

This is the role of the oil return valve in the entire hydraulic system. It is precisely because of the oil return valve that the hydraulic oil in the synchronous control hydraulic jack can be reused.

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