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How to start up the foam concrete machine?

2020-06-05 16:43:23

How to start up the foam concrete machine?

Foam concrete is a new type of building material, foam concrete through the foaming system of foam concrete machine completely mechanical foaming, foam and water mud even mix. Then, through the pumping system of foam concrete machinery, on-site pouring construction or the formation of molds formed by natural curing, is a new type of lightweight insulation material, which contains a large number of closed holes.

Cellular light weight concrete foam concrete

Foam concrete products have better performance, such as light, waterproof, noise reduction, low cost and so on. Because of its good performance, it is becoming more and more popular worldwide.

foam making

Lightweight foam concrete is increasingly used to produce blocks and prefabricated panels. The material's excellent sound and thermal properties make it lightweight and easy to produce and economical, attracting many organizations to research and implement the use of foam concrete on the market.

CLC foam concrete

High-quality foam concrete depends on high-quality foam concrete machinery manufacturing plants. Gaodetec is a leading foam concrete equipment plant and a reliable supplier. We use advanced technology and high-quality steel to build machines, which greatly improve our working life and efficiency.

How to start up the foam concrete machine?

foam concrete machine

1. Installation: The screw feeder is installed on the inlet of the foam concrete mixer, the outlet of the mixer is connected to the inlet of the screw mortar pump (ID64 plastic tube, PVC hose, length 2-3m), and slightly higher than the pump inlet; Then, connect the device to power and double-check the security.

2. Connect the water pipe to the inlet of the foam concrete mixer in order to add water through the inlet and regulate the flow of water through the inlet valve.

3. Place a large-capacity plastic bucket or plastic cloth pool near the cement foaming machine, combine the foaming solution in proportion to 1kg foaming agent with 40kg of water and mix evenly.

4. Add water to the blender, start the equipment, check whether the machine is running normally, mortar pump pumping is normal, foaming machine foaming normal, feeder, blender and foamer reverse rotation, rotation direction correct, otherwise the equipment should stop using

5. If the equipment is proved to be in a normal state, normal production can begin. Turn on the fuel mixer and start it, open the inlet to add water, then power the spiral feeder to load (do not load any material before the blender starts, but start the machine and add water before stirring it) to avoid burning the motor; When the foam returns to normal, open the outlet valve of the agitator and open the screw mortar pump to achieve insulation by pumping the roof or the current pouring wall.

start up the foam concrete machine

Gaodetec is a professional foam concrete machine supplier and manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in the field. As a unique supplier of ISO 9001:2008 and CE certification in the field of foam concrete equipment in China, our products have been exported to the UAE, South Africa, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Korea, Bahrain, Nepal, etc.

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