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Slow-bonded steel strands cannot be replaced with other materials

2018-06-04 16:48:14

Slow-bonding steel strands are new varieties of steel strands that have recently emerged in the past two years, and the characteristics of these steel strands are to delay the bonding characteristics. He is different from the non-bonded steel strands. The type of this new type of steel strand is not very common in China's market, and the manufacturer is not too many. At present, this technology is still in the stage of research and development experiment. Relatively speaking, the new type of steel strand application range is Very wide, suitable for various industrial production materials.

With the continuous development of technology and innovation, as well as our grasp of various new technologies, the technology of slow-bonding steel strands has become more and more mature, and more and more manufacturers join him in the production, through continuous innovation and development of his technology. The more convenient the steel strand it produces, the more and more of our industrial needs can be met through the use of such steel strands, and this new variety is The benefits, benefits, and uses that we bring are also very broad, and they greatly satisfy our different industrial needs. This is an inevitable condition for the development of the new era, and it is also a new type of innovation that we are pursuing. The type of industrial materials, only continuous industrial innovation, will have better industrial development. This is what we are now pursuing.

With the perfection of machinery and equipment and the maturity of various technologies, the slow-bonding steel strands are continuously being tested and innovated, bringing us more mature types of steel strands. His innovation in this type of technology has made us The country’s industrial development has taken a big step forward, and at the same time, it has also brought great convenience to us. Therefore, we have a new understanding of the type of different steel strands and, at the same time, passed this Cognitively, we have also realized that the convenient construction conditions and convenient industrial applications it has brought us have promoted the new development of China's industry.

When we need to build some houses, we must use slow-bonding steel strands during construction, and some people may suggest using other steel strands instead of buying them. But real connoisseurs know that any material in the construction industry cannot be replaced. When we need to purchase such a strand, we must purchase it as required, and we must purchase the required strand, if alternative materials are used instead. , it may be due to poor quality projects.

In pouring, we need to use a lot of materials. In order to be able to achieve better results when pouring, we need to put some slow-bonding steel strands in the construction, and we need to install these materials according to the construction plan. When such steel strands are used, some of them can be reinforced when the casting is completed. As long as we treat these steel strands, the quality of the works can be improved. There is also a layer of stuff on the outside of these steel strands. This layer of material can play a huge role in pouring. With such a protective layer we can adjust the steel strand.

In many industries, it is necessary to use slow-bonding steel strands. Using such steel strands not only allows the construction quality to be better, but also can modify some parts during construction. When we need to use such materials, we not only need to purchase qualified products as required, but also need to purchase according to the construction plan. Some people may think that no matter what manufacturer's steel strand can be used, but in order to ensure the quality of the project, we must strictly implement the construction plan. When we need to use slow-bonding strands, we must not use other strands instead. 

slow-bonded steel strands

20GP prestressed steel strand

black coated for 12.7mm strand

pc strand

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