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Shotcrete machine for grid slope protection

2022-07-11 18:59:30

Shotcrete machine for grid slope protection is wet spraying process shotcrete machine. Compared with dry gunning machine, shotcrete machine spray pre-mix concrete with water, and need add accelerator on the nozzle.

GSZ3000 wet mix shotcrete machine

Usually, GSZ3000 shotcrete machine for grid slope protection project could be used as wet mix shotcrete machine, but also could be used as dry gunning machine. Our wet shotcrete machine is thin flow process, adopts Aliva shotcrete machine technology. Special hopper design, very conducive to exhaust for wet spraying process. Different with dry spraying process, wet spraying process need timely exhaust in the working.

shotcrete machine for slope protection

Special hopper design

Shotcrete machine for grid slope protection picture:

Shotcrete machine for grid slope protection

Go through rotor and forced vibrating hopper make mixture smoothly falling. Hose dosing pump unit provides constant dosing. Thin flow conveying method, used for wet-mix and dry-mix shotcrete machine.

Reinforced shotcrete concrete spraying with steel or various polymers fibre Innovative four-point clamping device make wet mix shotcrete machine to hold the unique technical advantage as followings:

Two clamping points are symmetrically arranged in high air pressure sealing area so that the no air is leaking with a smaller clamping force.

The smaller clamping force also make sealing plate and rotor steel plate duration.

The third clamping point is arranged and near to the reinforced bar of upper sealing plate, so the mixture is stopped from the sealing surface between sealing plate and rotor steel plate, which also could make these parts duration.

four-point clamping device

Shotcrete machine is suitable for slope protection. First slope surface covered with wire mesh, and then spray concrete using wet mix shotcrete machine. Compare with dry gunning machine, wet mix shotcrete machine have some advantage features, such as low rebound, low dust, better spraying effect. Because concrete have been mixed even with water in mixer before pour into hopper. More product information, please check our website: www.gaodetec.com 

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