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shotcrete machine brief history

2016-04-10 18:31:44

Currently it used for its versatility and durability of the cover from the arcuate structure to stabilize roadside walls; shotcrete was originally developed by prolific American inventor Carl Ethan Akeley design.

Shotcrete, a key process in today's construction and mining industries, affectionately learned Akeley create a repair Chicago's Field Museum, where he had been crumbling facades at the time.

Among other things, he worked in animal specimens and outstanding protection, Akeley add vitality to begin until then quiet animals exhibited in the museum toward a more realistic performance.

With this in mind, Akeley began writing recreate these animals background painting vision, artificial stone arrangements and other design flourishes true three-dimensional model of habitat.

To create a fake stone, he designed a compressed air spray colored plaster of Paris enlarged nebulizers. The technology quickly attracted Museum Frederick · J. Skiff five concerns, pressure from trustees to resolve façade crumbling under.

The first shotcrete application

Akeley, tasked with figuring out a way to repair it, eventually came up with the ‘plastergun’ in 1907, a tool that shot dry plaster through a hose using compressed air. Added another hose from the water to the mixture once it reaches the nozzle.

Although the nozzle clogging due to initial teething problems, born in the spraying process. Akeley eventually settled more complex design premise of dual chamber principle: two alternately pumped Suction hose plenum.

1909, Akeley ready to submit a patent, this is the different adjustments and improvements merely formalized two years later. The present invention has been rapid, it has been realized in many aspects of its application to other smart businessman copy, beginning in the commercialization of its other names, such as "cement gun."

By 1912 the company has bought cement gun Akeley's patented his invention and using the "spray" because Akeley created it, the spread in the construction industry. It is one of the first applications Hunter Brook siphon Catskill, New York City water supply project properties lining the water supply from the reservoir north of New York City's water supply. other uses include the 1920s called "shotcrete mortar" mine fire.

In the 1930s, the word 'discharge' is described by the American Railway Engineering Association to describe the process, we have gathered acceptance as the preferred term industry.

Shotcrete and the future

Before World War II saw the development of a new type of "continuous feed" system that can deliver continuous flow and spraying programs, but further breakthrough came in 1955, when the introduction of the "wet mix" made craft, see ingredients mixed with water through the nozzle into the delivery hose instead.

Over the next few decades, the wet mix process for transfer of industries through the use of efficient concrete pumps galvanized.

True to form, Akeley had while moving to other projects, leading to important inventions, such as Akeley movie camera, go to Hollywood in the 1920s - the golden age of 1930s filmmaking score. The camera allows the camera to a tripod rotation of the disc (side to side), and stably using only one hand tilt (up and down).

Today, more than a hundred years Houaikeli designed his first "plaster gun ', Gunite is a huge global industry estimated to be worth 6.7 one billion € 2020 Nian was born from the needs of the rapidly forged a lasting solution to the problem, the genial Egypt Cleveland has thus become shotcrete technology, the gold standard in the construction and civil engineering unexpected father. 

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