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What are the rules to be followed pumping concrete?

2015-02-02 18:51:50

Concrete pump pumping concrete as a means of transport, has been widely used in major construction unit. However, many construction unit because there is no follow certain rules, so it is prone to some problems when pumping concrete. So what is to be followed pumping concrete rules?

1.duct cleaning
Before pumping concrete, it is recommended to first in the hopper pump out water from the pipe, in order to achieve the purpose of moist and clean the pipe, and then added to the hopper same ratio of cement mortar and concrete can be pumped concrete pipes after lubrication .
2. the pumping speed
When pumping, the pumping speed begins to slow recommended, oil pressure variation within the allowable range, like pumping smoothly, then normal speed pumping. Another concrete pumping operations should be continuous, if not timely supply of concrete, it should reduce the pumping speed, when pumping temporarily interrupted, it should not stop stirring. Once the blade is stuck in the situation occurs, you need to reverse the line, and then forward, reverse certain period of time, after pumping in order to continue forward smoothly.
3.The amount of concrete specifications
During pumping, the amount of concrete suggestions should be kept inside the hopper is not less than 10 mm on the cylinder mouth to mouth under the hopper between 150 mm is appropriate. Also avoid low suction efficiency, easily inhaled air cause plug tube, much the spill and to increase the agitator shaft load counter.
4.pumping rule
If pumping halfway down time more than 20 minutes of the situation, but also relatively long pipeline should pump five minutes once every pumping small amounts of concrete. If the pipe is short, you can use every 5 minutes Reversible 2-3 trip, the inner tube concrete peristalsis, prevent bleeding and segregation, the pump stops long (over 45 minutes) high temperature, concrete slump hour may cause the plug tube should be removed from the concrete pump and delivery tube. Also pumping concrete should be distant past, in the pouring tube gradually demolished.
5.pumping conditions
When pumping hot season, usually covering suitable cooling pipes with warm straw bags to reduce the temperature of the mold. Another level of conversion pipeline pumping distance should be less than the sum of the maximum pumping distance equipment.

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