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What's the prestressed strand?

2017-11-27 13:59:56

Ordinary prestressed strand is bonded prestressed strand. Because the surface is not isolated from the plastic sleeve, it is used to prestress the prestressed member, which is bonded to the concrete; when used in the post-tensioned prestressed member, it is bonded to the grouted slurry.

Prestressing stress is applied to the reinforcing bars in the tensioned module to increase the rigidity of the structural members before the external load is applied to the structural members of the structural members and the timing of occurrence of the cracks is delayed so as to increase the durability of the structural members. For the mechanical structure, its meaning is to pre-stress it. The advantage is that it can improve the rigidity of the structure and reduce the vibration and elastic deformation. This can obviously improve the elastic strength of the tension module and make the original resistance stronger.

Prior to the structure being subjected to an external load, the structure type in which compressive stress is applied to its tension zone under external load in advance to improve the performance of the structure is called a prestressed structure. Such as the barrel, before the water is filled with iron hoops or bamboo hoop tight barrel wall, while the barrel wall to produce a circumferential compressive stress, if the applied compressive stress exceeds the water stress caused by tensile stress, barrel will not crack leakage. The role of prestress in a circular pool like a barrel plus hoops. Similarly, prestressing the member before the load on the flexural member produces a deformation that is the opposite of the deformation caused by the load must first be applied to the member before it deforms in the direction of its action Deformation offset, in order to continue to make the component deformation along the load direction. In this way, prestressing is like applying more protection to the component. 

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