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Prestressed mono jack manufacturer from China

2021-01-28 09:55:46

Prestressed mono jack manufacturer from China
As the prestressed mono jack manufacturer from China, Gaodetec not only provide the prestressed mono jack, but also provide the lifting hydraulic jack for you. Our prestressed mono jack has the good quality and easy to move. As the China mono jack manufacturer, we will provide the best prestressed mono jack for you,and we can also provide the customized service.

prestressed mono jack manufacturer from China

The jprestressed mono jack for sale is a multi-purpose pre-stressed tensioning device, which is easy to operate. Mainly used for single hole tensioning. The prestressed mono jack for sale can also be used for multi-hole pre-tensioning, tensioning and obstacle removal, and can be applied to high-strength steel wire bundles and steel strands of various specifications and sizes.

prestressed mono jack manufacturer

Jack is one of the important tools indispensable in the construction of prestressed engineering tension and anchorage. No jack is omnipotent. The prestressed mono jack for sale structure, structure size and tension tonnage limit its scope of use. The front card through-center hydraulic jack is suitable for single-hole tensioning, group-anchor tensioning one by one, troubleshooting, anchor withdrawal, and supplementary tensioning. As far as the strength of the pre-stressed tendons is concerned, Φ15.24 steel strands and Φ12.7 steel strands can be stretched. If the parts are replaced/removed, the finish-rolled screw-reinforced steel can be stretched.
The prestressed mono jack for sale has small size, light weight and high efficiency. The important thing is that the reserved length of the thousand card steel strand is short (about 260mm). Especially suitable for high-altitude or small space operations.

China mono jack manufacturer

The prestressed mono jack for sale structural features:
1. Both the tension cylinder and the return cylinder adopt double sealing, which improves the reliability of the sealing. The small cylinder and the second cylinder, the small cylinder and the rear end cover, and the small cylinder and the tool ring are all connected by keys to prevent rotation. All are sealed with Gly ring or Stir ring, and the sealing is reliable.
2. The second cylinder and the piston head are designed as an integral form, which avoids the possibility of failure due to the welding of the two bodies or the threaded connection of the two bodies. Increase the difficulty of the processing technology, but improve the reliability.
3. Improved design of wear-resistant ring and wear-resistant sleeve, avoiding the possibility of assembly-type force release and improving product reliability.
4. All important parts under stress are made of high-quality alloy structure or tool steel to increase hardness and strength.

prestressed mono jack for sale

1. Single pre-stressed tension, including top pressure anchoring or retracting self-anchoring.
2.  The group anchor is stretched one by one.
3. The anchor needs to be unloaded during the tensioning process.
4. Finish rolling rebar tension.
As the prestressed mono jack manufacturer, we can send the prestressed mono jack price and the details for you, if you leave your contact information,maybe you can contact us as the following ways! E-mail: info@gaodetec.com

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