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Different kinds of prestressed anchors are used in different scopes

2018-01-08 11:18:28

Prestress-ed anchors are of course a tool associated with prestress-ed construction. The use of prestress-ed anchors is often used in bridge construction. Pretreatment is pre-installed, and then the concrete is poured. At both ends of the concrete, that is, people often say the two ends of the bellows, its role is to stretch the , hydraulic jack when the stability of the role of the end of the set. The permanent anchoring device used in the construction of concrete generally has a tensioning end anchor which is mounted on the end of the prestressed tendon and which can also be referred to as a prestressed anchor, which is a post- In order to maintain the prestressing force of the prestressed tendons and to transfer them to the blended anchor; in addition to the fixed end anchor, it is mounted at the end of the prestressed tendon, usually buried in the concrete without the need to pull the anchor With General Prestressed Anchorage Types. There are also differences in the prices of different prestressed anchors. Cylinders conventional anchors, it has good anchoring performance and release self-anchoring performance, tension is generally used through the heart jack; rectangular parallele pipes, this flat pre-stressed anchor is mainly used for bridge lateral prestress , Hollow plate, low height box girder, so that the stress distribution is more uniform and reasonable, further thinning the thickness of the structure; grip-type anchor, this anchor for the design of the end of the component stress or end space is limited, it is a gripping anchor used to crush the extrusion crates on a strand using an extruder. It is embedded in concrete and is arranged as needed. After the concrete is solidified to the design strength, the tension is carried out. There are some differences between the price and the use of the three prestressed anchors, and the user can make a reasonable choice according to the needs of the environment. 

round anchor


special prestress cincrete anchor


prestressed anchors Workshop&Delivery

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