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Post-tensioned prestressed anchorage connector and the main points of attention in the bridge in the city

2014-09-17 18:29:49

Post-tensioned prestressed anchorage connector and the main points of attention in the bridge in the city
In the construction of urban Bridges shall be of post-tensioned prestressed anchorage and connector do some attention.Here mainly for their some arrangement:
1. The post-tensioned prestressed anchorage connector according to anchor in a different way, and can be divided into the clamp plate (single span and porous jaw anchorage), the supporting type (heading the anchorage, nut anchorage), taper plug type tapered anchorage (steel) and bond type (extrusion anchorage, embossing anchorage, etc.).
2. Prestressed anchor, fixtures and connectors should have reliable anchorage performance and enough bearing capacity and good applicability, and should be consistent with existing national standards with the prestressed anchor, fixtures and connectors "GB/T14370 and using the prestressed anchor, fixtures and connectors application technology regulation JGJ85 rules.
3. Suitable for high strength prestressed anchorage (or connector), can also be used to lower the strength of the prestressed reinforcement.Can only be applicable to the low strength of prestressed anchorage (or connector), shall not be used for high strength prestressed reinforcement.
4. The anchorage should satisfy sizing tension, tension and relaxation of prestressed requirements.Anchorage dogan anchorage of prestressed reinforcement, in addition to should have a whole bunch of tensioning performance, it is appropriate with the possibility of a single tension.The prestressed anchor bureau
5. Used in connectors, zhang method after must conform to the requirements for the performance of the anchorage.
6. When the needs of anchor plate under the anchorage using fallopian tube, fallopian tube appropriate chooses steel or cast iron products.The anchor plate should be set enough spiral steel or steel bar mesh distribution.7. (or channel) in anchor plate and prestressed anchorage zone and adjacent should be vertical to each other.After a component set the appropriate on the anchor plate grouting hole.

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