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Mixer machine for CLC concrete making

2020-10-26 14:42:18

CLC block making mixer machine, also known as foam generator, is a kind of foam equipment that makes foaming agent reach a certain concentration of aqueous solution. The foaming agent itself cannot automatically become a foam, it must be formed by the mechanical action of the CLC block making mixer machine.
The CLC block making machine is light in weight and convenient to move. The weight of the whole machine is less than 170kg. It is equipped with 4 universal wheels. It can be pushed by one person and transported by two persons. The main unit and all accessories can be easily transported by a micro-surface car. Good adaptability to cement foaming agent viscosity. Generally, foaming machines are only suitable for medium and low viscosity foaming agents, and foaming machines are also very suitable for high viscosity foaming agents and have excellent foaming. The control is convenient, the bubble can be produced by pressing the button, no complicated adjustment is required, and the control operation can be learned in 10 minutes, which is very convenient to use. Considering both large-area and scattered construction, it can not only combine large-area construction with multiple units, but also complete scattered construction tasks independently.

mixer machine for CLC block making

The CLC block making mixer machine is a device that can make foam with a foaming agent and a certain concentration of aqueous solution. The foaming machine and the foaming agent are a technical system that cooperates with each other. The two cannot function independently, and no one can do without. Mixer machine for CLC block making will get twice the result with half the effort when making foam, so the quality and performance of the foaming machine are very critical. Below we will introduce how to judge the performance of the cement foaming machine.
1. The fineness of the foam means that the foam produced should be fine and dense. A high-performance CLC block making mixer machine needs to be able to produce foam that is as dense as cotton. It is easy to make a large foam with a cement foaming machine, but a certain technique is required to produce fine foam. Therefore, making fine foam is also a cement foam. The embodiment of the good performance of the bubble machine.
2. the uniformity of the foam, the foam production must be uniform, and the bubble diameter distribution must be narrow. The CLC block making mixer machine must meet the technical requirements of uniform foam, the more uniform the better. Although we cannot require that the diameter of all foams are exactly the same, but most of the foam diameters are similar or the same. The narrower the distribution range, the better. If the CLC block making mixer machine cannot do this, it means The bubble performance is not ideal.
3. Foam bleeding, low foam bleeding rate, no milky foam. The high bleeding rate of foam means that the amount of water secreted after the foam disappears completely. The higher the bleeding rate, the worse the quality of the foam. If the cement foaming mechanism always produces a milky foam with more water and less foam, bleeding High, this cement foaming machine just does not meet the technical requirements and cannot be selected.

CLC block making mixer machine

There is a CLC block making mixer machine with good performance as a foundation, so that the subsequent things can proceed smoothly, so when buying a foaming machine, you must choose carefully, and you must first try it out. 

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