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Membrane filter press application

2018-06-07 14:58:11

The main function of filter press is to allow the solid-liquid mixture to pass through the filter press to achieve separation of solids and liquids. Simply speaking, the filter press is a sealed "cavity", a filter cloth used as a filter medium, and a universal device powered by a water pump.

Gaodetec Filter press machines are mainly used for industrial processing, such as sewage treatment plants or sucrose production companies. Certainly metallurgy, mining will also use the filter equipment. Filter press is also divided into a variety of application and models, each type of filter press has different functions, and plays different roles in the work.

In short, the filter press is widely used and it is also a sublimation of new technology products. With the press filter, the production and operation of many companies have become much simpler.

What needs to be distinguished is that the filter press and the filter are not a concept. The filter only acts as a filter, but the filter press filters the product more finely, and the processing process is more advanced.

With the rise of the solar energy industry, the photovoltaic industry has also been pushed to a peak.

In the earlier years, the photovoltaic industry sewage treatment filter presses and waste mortar recycling projects were all based on automatic pressure-retaining chamber filter press. Now the sewage treatment filter press and waste mortar recovery filter press in the photovoltaic industry are also due to the needs of on-site high-end customers, the degree of automation of the filter press was improved, and mainly the membrane filter press.

Our Australia customers purchased a large number of membrane filter press. The equipment is all PLC control filter press with high automation level. This kind of equipment with high degree of automation, good operation performance, and good pressing results, not only greatly reduces the labor intensity, but also improves the production efficiency of the product. More importantly, the use of a diaphragm filter press has greatly reduced the moisture content and facilitated discharge (photovoltaic industry materials have a certain viscosity), while also improving product quality.

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