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Industrial hose pump price

2020-04-07 11:21:59

Industrial hose pump price
Industrial hose pump series is a new type, multifunctional and multi-purpose industrial pump developed by absorbing advanced technology. It completely gets rid of the traditional pump impeller and shaft seal operation mode. It has great advantages for medium transportation with large viscosity, high corrosivity and large fluid impurities. It is a completely different principle from the traditional pump and has a wide range of applications.
1. Pumping abrasive slurry: Utilizing the strong wear-resistant characteristics of Gaodetec hose pump. Typical abrasive materials: lime slurry, SIC, activated carbon, diatomaceous earth, mineral pulp, etc. The hose pump wears very little when pumping these materials.
2. Hose pump for quantitative transportation of chemical substances. It uses the explosion-proof and corrosion-resistant features of the hose pump and has a metering element, which is suitable for quantitatively pumping corrosive media.
3. Conveying the slurry to the filter press is used to convey the slurry to the filter. Considering the large abrasion, a hose pump is most suitable.
4. Hose pump is used in the printing industry, the quantitative delivery of ink, easy cleaning.
5. Clay transportation in the ceramic industry.

industrial hose pump price

Gaodetec GH series heavy-duty industrial hose pump is a kind of hose pump, which is suitable for handling aggressive, high viscosity, high density products, such as abrasive slurries, corrosive acids, gaseous liquids, sand/cement mortar, liquid accelerator, etc. and then also is used widely for dosing pump with 1% repeat precision.
GH series peristaltic pumps working pressure from 0.6-3 Mpa, out put from 0.01-50 m3/h, which includes GH10, GH15, GH25, GH32, GH38, GH50, GH65, GH76, and GH100 series peristaltic pump. We can design the suitable hose pump according to the requirements of customer, For more detailed information, please contact us.
Gaodetec industrial hose pump feature:
1. Reversibility.
2. Sealessness and valveless.
3. Abrasion resistance.
4. Self priming with high suction.
5. Peristaltic hose is the only consumption part.
6. Equipped with adjustable pointer using for adjusting tha gap of the hose.

industrial hose pump

Gaodetec owns the advanced imported production equipment and complete production technology. Gaodetec is a manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale of industrial hose pump.
We have now developed full series of products with tens of models, working pressure from 0.6-3 Mpa, output from 0.01-50m3/h, NR, NBR and EPDM squeeze hoses are available options for customization.
GH series industrial hose pump (squeeze pump) consists mainly of pump house, rotor, idle, squeeze tube and driving unit, The squeeze hose is U-shape in pump house, when rotor drives roller to rotate, hose is deformed. After the roller rotate, the deformed hose recover by its elasticity. 
Thus the negative pressure in this hose is generated, sucking slurries, and discharging through outlet under roller's push, finally forms pressure conveying of slurries. 
In building construction, more widely used for pumping foam concrete, lightweight form concrete, mortar, cement slurry and refractory materials.
If you have any questions, please contact us, we can also customize according to your needs. Email address: info@gaodetec.com

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