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Best price of hydroseeder machine for lawn

2022-01-19 18:23:45

Hydroseeder machine for lawn mixes plant seeds, water, fiber mulch, adhesives, fertilizers, nutrient soil, soil stabilizers, soil amendments, etc. in a certain proportion and sprays them to the original landform surface where the native vegetation has been destroyed. While improving the soil, creating good conditions for the growth of primary plants can not only prevent soil erosion, but also play a role in conserving water and nutrients.

hydroseeding machine price

Hydroseeder machine for lawn is composed of an engine, a pump, a loading box, a delivery hose, a spray gun, etc., and it is generally equipped with a mobile trailer or directly installed on a car, which is called a vehicle-mounted or trailer-mounted type. The traction system of the hydroseeder machine is generally a trailer. The trailer carries the hydroseeder machine and travels along the highway and working road. The driving speed depends on the pump output.

hydroseeding for green slope protection application

Application of best hydroseeder machine:
Hydroseeder machine for lawn is most suitable for steep slopes that are difficult to grow lawns by ordinary methods, slope protection on both sides of railways, highways, etc. It is also suitable for the establishment of large areas of lawns in golf courses, sports fields and cities. In addition to spraying seeds, hydroseeder machine for lawn can also spray stolons.

hydroseeder for erosion control

We have different models of hydroseeder machine for lawn, the main performance parameters include capacity, engine power, water pump pressure, pump output, mixing method and mixing driving power, spraying distance, mechanical weight and overall dimensions. Capacity refers to the volume of the loading box. The spraying distance is related to the pump pressure, generally 0.7~1.4Mpa, and the spraying distance can reach 85m. The pump output mainly reflects the area covered per minute.
Of course, there will be differences in the price of hydroseeder machines. We will give the best price of hydroseeder machine for lawn.

hydroseeder machine

Operation precautions:
1. Before starting the engine, it should be placed in a no-load state. Put the power clutch in the "off" position, and the stirring reversing lever in the "stop" position. After starting, you should increase the throttle slowly, not suddenly increase or decrease the throttle;
2. The soil used for spraying should be sieved and added to the box body to avoid clogging the nozzles during construction;
3. When the outdoor temperature is too low, the cooling water in the engine water tank must be drained;
4. When the best hydroseeder machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch the rotating parts such as the running gear and belt;
5. When operating and loading materials on the best hydroseeder machine, be sure not to take out the screen in the box to prevent people from falling into it, and check whether the screen is strong and firm every day;
Be sure to add water to the water tank of the diesel engine before starting up, flush the water pipes and pipes after the operation, and turn off the switch.


hydroseeding machine

Contact us for price of hydroseeder machine:
In order to confirm which type hydroseeder machine for lawn suitable for your job, please help us to confirm the following informations:
1. What's the project you will use the best hydroseeder machine do? for slope greening or playground greening or other?
2. What's the mixing tank capacity you need, 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 13000L, 15000L or bigger or smaller?
3. About the engine, do you need Chinese brand engine or Cummins engine?
Once we get your confirmation, we will provide the right type and best price of hydroseeder machine for lawn.

hydroseeder for lawn

soil spraying machine for lawn

hydroseeder equipment for lawn

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