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Hydroseeder hydro seeding machine for highway slope protection

2020-10-23 15:16:39

Hydroseeder hydro seeding machine for highway slope protection
With the rapid growth of social economy, highways and railways have become important transportation hubs for the national economy and modern life. Because some slopes are steep, rain erosion will cause a lot of soil erosion on the slope. Therefore, the primary function of slope greening is ecological protection, stabilizing the slope, and restoring the natural ecology of the slope. Highways and railways generally adopt hydroseeder machine for highway slope protection, focusing on the mutual matching of vines, shrubs and grasses, so as to achieve the purpose of greening protection and landscape construction.

hydroseeder hydro seeding machine

Soil spraying, spraying planting grass, and spraying planting protection technology is to use the principle of liquid seeding to treat the plant seeds with strong vitality and meet various greening functions with fertilizers, planting soil, fiber materials, water retention agents, and adhesives. The mixture and water are put into the tank of the hydroseeder hydro seeding machine according to the proportion, and mixed into a colloidal slurry, and the mixed liquid is directly sprayed to the slope surface with a high-lift multi-stage pressurized thick slurry pump or transported to the slope surface with a hose. The plant seed layer under the protection of a uniform covering layer is formed, and then a non-woven fabric is laid for protection, and a construction technology for forced greening of the slope surface.

hydro seeding machine for highway slope protection

According to the requirements of the construction safety operation specification of the hydroseeder machine for highway slope protection, choose safety protection measures, set up steel pipe scaffolding, put down bamboo bamboo scaffolding, hang protective nets, or hang ropes from the top of the mountain, and construct safety belts. The scaffolding is built according to the scaffolding specifications, and the construction workers wear safety helmets and necessary labor protection equipment.

Clean the surface of the working surface and loosen the rocks, trim the slope surface and the corners of the slope top to bend, and make the working surface as flat as possible to facilitate the construction of the guest soil and increase the greening effect of the working surface. Before construction, make sure that the unevenness of the working surface is ±10cm on average, and the maximum is not more than ±15cm. For low-lying concrete, backfill the soil or backfill with plant bags to fill the anti-slope section. The condition is that a transverse groove is opened at a certain height on the working surface to increase the roughness. This increases the adhesion of the guest soil to the working surface . If the rock slope itself is unstable, it should be reinforced with prestressed anchor bolts.

hydroseeder machine for highway slope protection

Whether the drainage system of the working face is directly related to the growth environment of the vegetation on the working face is appropriate and reasonable. It requires long and large slopes, slope tops, slope feet and platform drainage channels. According to the size of the water flow on the working surface, consider whether to set up a slope drainage ditch.

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