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Hydroseeder for sale with the best price

2017-03-27 15:18:43

Hydroseeder play a positive role in high-speed roadside slope greening, mine green, desert control, embankment protection, large-scale green land reconstruction and other greening projects.

The following factors should be considered for determining the formula for vegetation concrete when hydroseeder for sale is in use:

(1)  To ensure that the mixture has a good cohesion, mobility that is easy to workability.

(2)  Vegetation concrete unconfined compressive strength of not less than 15Kpa, that is able to withstand wind and rain, do not fall off.

(3)  Vegetation concrete has a suitable bulk density and porosity, in particular porosity of 50-65% (volume ratio), bulk density of 1.3-1.7g / cm3, this structure is conducive to plant growth.

(4)  Vegetation concrete has a good planting conditions, such as water and fertilizer supply is good, to ensure that the supply of nutrients for many years. (Vegetation can be long - term supply of nutrients, plants can also supply their own, such as dead leaves and grass rot, bacteria nitrogen fixation).

Organic matter, collectively known as organic matter, their content on the physical properties of vegetation concrete, namely, strength, bulk density and porosity, water and fertilizer supply has a significant impact. The larger the content, the smaller the bulk density, the greater the porosity, the lower the strength. The content of organic matter is too large will cause the concrete concrete strength is too small, the porosity is too large and not conducive to maintaining moisture, but also reduce the cohesion of the mixture, spray construction to increase the rebound loss. Practice shows that the most suitable content of organic matter is 8-16%. 

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Hydroseeder for sale

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