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Hydroseeder equipment with large capacity

2020-11-03 10:08:06

Hydroseeder equipment with large capacity
Hydroseeder equipment with large capacity is an efficient, multi-functional sprayer, spraying and seeding machinery at home and abroad after repeated research and improvement, and constantly improve the contrast, hydraulic non-stage centralized control panel and many other high-tech. 

Large capacity hydroseeder equipment can be used for soil surface or surface spraying of non-soil organic matter such as rock and soil, sand, etc. Spraying and seeding of mixtures or similar materials for spraying mixtures of soil, water, fertilizers and other additives is ideal for mechanical and ecological restoration.

hydroseeder equipment with large capacity

The use of hydroseeder equipment, because of advanced principles, breeding effect is favored by the vast number of greeners, as a guest soil sprayer manufacturer, we would like to do a deep-seated analysis of the advantages of guest soil sprayer, so as to enhance everyone's understanding of guest soil sprayer.
1. Hydroseeder equipment using jet principle, the lawn seeds mixed into a certain proportion of water, fiber mulch, adhesive, fertilizer container, stirring evenly into a mixture of slurry, the use of centrifugal pump to pressurize the mixture, through the hose to spray to the surface of the soil to be planted, forming a uniform layer of slurry grass, time-saving and convenient;
2. Excess water in the slurry seeped into the soil, holding strong fibers and colloids to form a semi-permeable moisturizing surface layer, this surface colloidal film layer, can reduce water evaporation, fixed seed position to prevent drift, but also to seed germination to provide moisture, nutrients and shade conditions;

3. Fiber colloid and soil attack bonding, so that the seeds are not easy to be blown away by the wind, will not be washed away by the rain, with a good advantage of seeding;
4. Mixed liquid slurry mixed with a certain amount of green ingredients, spraying is easy to check the spray effect and leakage, and can show lawn green.

The above is the advantages of guest soil sprayer breeding, if you want to have more understanding of guest soil sprayer, welcome to consult our manufacturers!

large capacity hydroseeder equipment

The selection and proportion of substitlyin materials are directly related to soil and water protection on slopes, the stability of spraying materials and the growth of plants. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the matrix reasonably according to the slope conditions and field conditions of portable seeding machines.

Gaodetec Equipment produces quality hydroseeder equipment with large capacity. As for the tank capacity, we have 1000L, 2000L, 4000L, 6000L, 8000L and large capacity 15000L hydroseeder equipment for an option. For more information about the hydroseeder equipment for sale, please email us: info@gaodetec.com  

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