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Hydro seeding machine used for stone slope & high and steep slope

2020-04-24 15:31:20

Hydro seeding machine used for stone slope & high and steep slope

Hydro seeding machine is used for stone slope & high and steep slope, spray seeding grass planting, spray seeding protection technology is based on the principle of liquid seeding, which has strong vitality. After scientific treatment and fertilization, it can meet a variety of greening functions of plant seeds. It can plant soil, fiber materials, water retaining agent, adhesive and water. 

hydro seeding machine used for stone slope

After mixing the mixture to full suspension, pour it into the mixing tank at a certain proportion, spray the mixture directly onto the slope with centrifugal pump or inlet hose, form a uniform cover under the protection of plant seed layer, lay the non-woven protective layer, and force the green slope construction technology.

hydro seeding machine used for high and steep slopes

Hydro soil seeding steps

Hydro soil seeding steps:
1. Clean the slope before hydro seeding
Clean the slope of debris, remove pumice and loose rock, cut holes or break some concrete on the concrete slope, and then trim the slope to make the slope smooth, so as to lay barbed wire. Check the top of the slope for ditches to prevent direct wiping of the seeding surface.

Clean the slope before hydro seeding

2. Laying wire mesh before hydro seeding
When laying, the wire mesh suspended at the top of the anchor shall be laid from top to bottom along the slope, tightened to the bottom of the slope, and then the anchor bolts shall be applied; then the next one shall be laid. The lap width of the two nets shall not be less than one mesh. When applying the binding, there shall be a gap between the two nets, and the binding shall also be applied firmly. When the wire mesh and the main anchor are fixed on the top of the slope, the wire mesh shall be fixed in the middle of the anchor and then fixed.

Laying wire mesh before hydro seeding

3. Drilling and grouting under the rod
According to the site construction requirements, drill holes on the slope according to the drawing specifications, and then anchor according to the drawing specifications.
4. Fixed wire mesh
After anchoring the bolt, fix the barbed wire mesh and steel wire on the bolt, and finally complete the netting operation. After the barbed wire mesh is fixed, different fiber materials are used to set the fiber skeleton layer according to the local conditions.
5. Preparation and spraying by using our hydro seeding machine
The base material added to the spraying machine is evenly mixed, and the material is sprayed on the slope to form the material medium adhesion. Spray from the front as much as possible to avoid supine spray. Pay full attention to the bumps and dead corners, and do not miss them. The spray thickness should be as uniform as possible. However, under the good condition of the vegetative people in good condition, it is better to spray thinly and less intensively. Spray three to five times, first spray the seeds with 2-3cm thick nutrient matrix, then spray the 3-4cm thick matrix based on the matrix, spray the seed matrix with the seed layer thickness of 1cm, 20-41g per square meter. After sowing, the area of wire mesh matrix covered more than 80-90%.

hydro seeding machine for spraying soil

6. AB type rain erosion resistant material and fern surface fiber.
7. Cover with non-woven fabric or sunscreen.

Covering non-woven or sun screen

8. Maintenance management the stone slope & high and steep slope

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