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Hydraulic pump specifications and operating instructions

2018-01-01 15:53:53

This manual includes an electric pump station rules, warnings and precautions. Please read carefully before using this manual, a thorough understanding of its contents. This manual is for reference only, as the end user.

Safety first security operation:

Electric pump station is a power tool, you should read all instructions, warnings and cautions carefully before use, to comply with security measures to avoid damage to persons or equipment occurs when operating the equipment!

▲Warning: Setting the maximum pressure is 63Mpa, non-arbitrary non-professionals regulated pressure valve factory prior to the pumping station!

The Company unsafe operation and damage caused by incorrect operation irresponsible!

▲Tip: Use the pump station 46 # or 32 # hydraulic oil.

Electric pump station is a three-phase asynchronous motors, low voltage pumps, high pressure pumps, tank composed. Small volume, high pressure, light weight, the advantages of simple structure, and is equipped with pressure gauges connected to the standby interface.      

The technical parameters



High pressure

High flow

Low Flow


0.55 kw

63 MPa

0.4 L/min

1 L/min


0.75 kw

63 Mpa

0.7 L/min

2.4 L/min


1.1 kw

63 MPa

1 L/min

4 L/min


1.5 kw

63 MPa

1 L/min

6 L/min


2.2 kw

63 MPa

2.4 L/min

6 L/min


3 kw

63 Mpa

3 L/min

6 L/min


4 kw

63 MPa

4 L/min

9 L/min


5.5 kw

63 MPa

5 L/min



7.5 kw

63 Mpa

7 L/min



11 kw

63 Mpa

9 L/min

20 L/min



The working medium of electric pump for 46 # or 32 # hydraulic oil. Fuel tank of liquid level must remain in oil mark the center line of the above, in case of oil pump suction empty.

When you first use the unloading valve handle in the middle position, after the top up, the motor should rotate clockwise, turn on the motor rain cover, if necessary, to see whether it is being transferred, and please move the motor. "ON” button several times, idle a few minutes to discharge oil in the air.

The quick connector sets connected to the appliance is equipped with a hydraulic quick coupling seat.

After pressing the power switch for 1-2 minutes until the motor rotates, the valve handle in the pressurized position (Explanation), then the output of hydraulic oil work. Hydraulic oil output increases with the load on their own booster until 63Mpa.

At the end of the work, unloading valve handle in the middle position, the hydraulic oil return until after the end, remove the quick connector set screw and tighten the nut gas, unplug the power supply.

The hydraulic pump can be observed at all times in order to change the situation at work, this pumping station has been installed gauges.

Electric pump electric pump into a one-way and two-way electric pump.

1. The one-way electric pump, which has only one hole interface, valve handle only two stalls, stalls supercharged left and right unloading gear, under pressurized state, off the motor power can play a role in holding pressure .

2. The two-way electric pump, which has two hole interface, electric pump and jack into the oil back to the oil port is not fixed directly to the quick connectors interconnected. Valve handle is divided into three stalls, rose stalls, unloading gear, the downshift. Left the default access electric pump jack into the hole at the bottom of the left valve that rises in the middle of unloading, the right to decline. Under the pressurized state, off the motor power can play a role in holding pressure.

Hydraulic jack with oil pump


jack with oil pump

Structure and how it works:

Pump principle: the output coupling from the motor shaft while driving through coaxial low pressure pumps and high pressure pump rotor rotates, so that high and low pressure pumps simultaneously. After the oil is sucked into the low-pressure pump, high pressure pump input. When the pressure is greater than the set pressure when 200MPa, pressurized by the high-pressure pump to 63Mpa output. Equipped with pressure relief valve in the high and low pressure inside the oil pump output to maintain the provisions of the output pressure and safety protection.


1) Use the pump 32 # or 46 # hydraulic oil.

2) the amount of oil must be stored within the oil window above the range, try to fill the tank.

3) each refueling and must be filtered more than 80 mesh grease filters oil change, the need to replace the oil tank cleaning. (Oil change for six months). Working oil 10-50 .

4) the need to start playing before the electric pump gas nut open, open switch in the unloading position.

5) When using the motor temperature is too high if found, should be discontinued. Self-cooling before use.

6) The pump pressures are adjusted before leaving the factory, not free to increase. Must be carried out by means of a pressure gauge when the need for new adjustments. But shall not exceed 63Mpa to avoid damage. Do non-professionals disorderly adjustment pressure valve.

7) After 105Mpa test when high-pressure tubing factory. However, due to the aging of the hose easily, so users need to be inspected regularly, usually six months, frequent users for three months. 87.5Mpa pressure test with a check, if blasting, bulge, leak and so can not be used.

8) bearings are generally cleaned once for six months, add grease during assembly.

hydraulic pump


oil pump

Common faults and troubleshooting:


Cause of the malfunction


Motor abnormalities

The power fails, the switch is bad

Check the power switch

Abnormal pressure

High pressure relief valve disorders

Retune high pressure overflow valve to 63Mpa

Low pressure relief valve disorders

Retune low pressure valve spring

Plunger, pump wear

The research circle pump hole, with the plunger clearance 0.005-0.01

Oil spill

Check and repair the same, replace the seals

Traffic Anomaly

Plunger wear

Research round hole pump, matched plunger gap 0.005-0.01

Damaged seals

Check and replace seals

Oil inappropriate choice

By using the manual oil

Oil temperature anomalies

Heating or cooling tank

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