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Hydraulic jack post tension

2021-11-15 17:30:23

Hydraulic jack post tension
The hydraulic jack post tension is a special jack used for tensioning steel strands and other prestressed tendons. The hydraulic jack post tension needs to be used in conjunction with the tensioning oil pump, and the power for tensioning and topping is provided by the high-pressure oil of the tensioning oil pump. According to the different structure, it is divided into front jack and through jack.

Hydraulic jack post tension

When the hydraulic jack post tension is tensioned, hold it against the work anchor, install the work anchor on the front end of the piston, and install the work and tool clamps. The oil is fed into the oil inlet through the tensioning oil pump. The piston moves forward, and under the action of the tool anchor, the steel beam is driven forward, the steel beam is driven forward, the steel beam is driven forward, and the steel beam is moved forward to realize the tension of the steel beam.

Hydraulic jack post tension application

The hydraulic jack post tension is simple to operate, reliable in performance, and saves steel strands. Jacks are mainly used in the construction of bridges and other projects with products such as prestressed anchors and tensioning equipment. Especially in large-scale projects, the hydraulic jack post tension is easy to operate and control and hydraulic jacks are designed with safety pressure-keeping devices, built-in pressure relief valves to prevent overload, to protect the jacks for safe operation. The connection of this device adopts high-pressure hose and threaded joint connection, which is quick to use and overcomes the oil leakage shortcomings of fast traditional joints. The hydraulic jack post tension is mainly used for equipment installation in electric power, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway bridges, shipbuilding and other industries lifting and dismantling operations.
Hydraulic jack post tension

We should pay attention to the following issues when using the post tension hydraulic jack:
1. If it is a new jack and needs to be calibrated for the first use.
2. If the pointer of the oil pressure gauge cannot return to the zero point, it needs to be corrected after replacing the new gauge.
3. After the jack, oil pressure gauge and oil pipe have been replaced or repaired.
4. The pre-stressed tendons have multiple breaks during tensioning or the error of the tensile length value is relatively large.
5. Parked for three months without use, before reuse.
6. The calibration of the tension jack must be carried out together with the supporting high-pressure oil pump and pressure gauge-that is, supporting calibration to reduce errors.
7. When the post tension hydraulic jack and the oil pump system are calibrated and before the tension is implemented, the jack must be run dry, and the calibration can be entered after everything is normal.

Hydraulic jack post tension

If you are interested in the post tension hydraulic jack, please contact us! Email: info@gaodetec.com

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