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How to do with the mortar spraying machine's blocking?

2014-09-11 18:12:56

How to do with the mortar spraying machine's blocking?
The mortar spraying machine operation, because the operation is not standard, caused by pipeline or other problems of the jam how to do, then I step by step to explain,
1, the cause of blocking.
Plug the mortar spraying machine has a lot of types, usually because the mortar residues, not rinse or no cleaning, mortar within a larger object caused, especially at the corner of the elbow are very easy to residual mortar, if every time a little residue, etc. there will be a long time mortar spraying machine pump pressure overload, severe burning of the electric motor, so we must pay attention in the use process, every time you have used the pipeline, be sure to rinse with water can't have residual mortar, probably a is a small piece of mortar, the next time it may be to your pump plugging caused by product.
2, solutions.
If occurs when using the pipeline blocking, please timely first spraying machine stopped, to prevent damage to the coating machine, and then check that a is blocking the pipes, inspection methods mainly include: in the pipe from the pump recently, open it to see if there is a blockage, and then open the pump can try out the material, if can discharge, that is outside the pump pipe is blocked, if not the material that will be the machine above the pipe one one demolition of each section are cleaning, while the machine outer tube generally in order to facilitate the move, we are the rubber tube with the tube, a qualitative comparison of soft, and mortar in curing will be relatively hard, if the rubber pipe is blocked by one of our feet rubber tube, lumps found in place is the blockage of the place, only will lump can be removed, there are two kinds of cleaning method, generally we are lumps under the condition of small, we can use a hammer to break it out, and the larger we can be a part of the pipeline on the CD swap connection.
3, to prevent clogging.
The above faults are very easy can prevent, as long as the attention of the user in each class of cleaning in the process of using, in the material into the mortar spraying machine screening before the need for uniform, or material volume is too high will cause serious jam.

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