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China grouting pump machine suppliers

2018-03-27 09:57:45

China grouting pump machine is the key equipment of grouting construction. Grouting pump machine performance, grouting project quality on safety, quality, efficiency plays a decisive role.

This article will focus on equipment of the grouting pump machine and customers are most concerned about the China grouting pump machine suppliers.

China grouting pump

Grouting Pump Machine:

Grouting pump uses compressed oil or compressed air as the power source. The use of cylinder or grouting cylinder area is relatively large. And the cylinder pressure can produce a higher injection pressure.

Grouting Pump Structure:

Single chamber reciprocating pump working principle. When the crank is rotated counterclockwise at angular velocity ω, the piston moves to the right. Sudden increase in the volume of the cavity, the cavity liquid pressure decreases. In the meanwhile, the valve opens under the action of suction pressure and the discharge valve closed. The liquid being delivered overcomes the resistance loss of the suction line and the suction valve under the effect of the pressure difference and enters the cavity.

When the piston left to move the crank 180 ° rotation, the liquid is squeezed. And the liquid pressure in the chamber increased dramatically. Under this pressure, the suction valve is closed, the discharge valve is closed, and the liquid in the chamber is vented to the discharge line through the pressure difference.

When the crank is constantly rotating at the angular velocity ω, the reciprocating pump continuously aspirates and discharges the liquid.

grouting pump machine

The choice of a syringe pump with blindness and arbitrariness can be expensive and does not achieve the desired result. Even lead to engineering accidents, but also be vigilant to improve scientific.

Gaodetec company's grouting pump machine with energy consumption, small vibration, noise, small size, high efficiency, stable and reliable performance, easy adjustment of pressure flow, long service life and so on.

Grouting Products Advantage:

The maximum pressure of the pump can be set;

Avoid unnecessary losses during grouting;

The grouting method is to press the mud into the cracks in the rock or soil, filling and compaction;

In the grouting process, once again out of new cracks, grouting pressure often changes.

grouting pump suppliers

Good Performance:

Sometimes grouting pressure will change dramatically, the characteristics of this situation determines the performance of the grouting pump should work.

Grouting pump should have a larger displacement adjustment range, the amount of grouting and grouting generally change the amount of about 8 ~ 10 times. The end of the grout is small and proved to fill well with compaction.

Grouting pump should have reliable pressure control ability.

Grouting pump should have a larger displacement adjustment range, the amount of grouting and grouting generally change the amount of about 8 ~ 10 times.

 China grouting pump machine

Discover the advantages of using grouting pump for you grouting pump machine pump leasing needs today.

Or if you still have questions on that if leasing your China grouting pump is right for you. You can give us a call. That’s the reason why we are here for your serious.

Contact us online or email contact us at info@gaodetec.com

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