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GL-6000 Full Hydraulic Multifunctional Jet Grouting Anchor Engineering Drilling Rig maintenance and long-term method

2015-03-31 09:06:27

Anchor rig mid maintenance regulations
1, the first diesel engine maintenance time is about 100 hours; after every 250 hours should be serviced once. Replace the oil filter and oil.
2, gear oil every 500 hours to replace a; large cabinets gear oil changed every 1000 hours.
3, hydraulic oil filter once every 500 hours, 1500 hours for the first time to replace all changed once after every 2500 hours (including replacement of the filter when replacing).
 Long-term maintenance of the rig anchor Bill
An anchor rig for one year, to the overall overhaul and maintenance of equipment; equipment to conduct a comprehensive cleaning, inspection, repair, replacement, eliminate anomalies, maintain machine intact condition, clean;
2, parking and maintenance: Maintenance carried out more than a week when parked, and troubleshooting, full vehicle maintenance, lubrication;
3, sealed maintenance: During storage, once a month, on the rusty parts of corrosion, full vehicle maintenance, lubrication;
4, walk-in period: refers to the new machine factory and take care overhaul conducted in period, in accordance with the requirements of the first maintenance regulations; when work can not run at full load, should work under the low load condition;
5, seasonal maintenance: Maintenance usually in the summer, winter conducted replacement of oil and antifreeze and cold, cooling measures.
   Only by improving equipment maintenance work, in order to improve equipment availability, utilization and productivity, reduce maintenance costs and other non-normal equipment life cycle costs, reduce the cost and prolong life.

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