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Foam concrete machine for sale

2018-10-30 09:45:14

The foam concrete machine is a new generation product developed on the basis of our company's product development and extensively soliciting users' opinions. Our foam concrete machine has developed nearly ten technical improvements, and its technical level is in a leading position.
Its original model is made by high-speed rotation of the impeller, so foam concrete machine is also known as "bubble machine". Later, with the continuous advancement of technology, the technical content of the foam concrete machine continued to increase, and new models continued to emerge, forming different technical systems.

foam concrete machine

Foam concrete machine performance characteristics:

1. It integrates foaming system, feeding system, mixing system and pumping system, which is easy to operate and move, time-saving and energy-saving.

2. Low power consumption, which is one quarter of the hydraulic pump.

3. The hose pump is used to transport the foamed concrete, which is convenient for maintenance and low in cost.
Foaming effect of foam concrete machine: In the bubble forming system, the foaming agent solution is a dispersion medium, the gas is a dispersed phase, the gas is dispersed in the liquid to form a bubble, and then the foam is composed of numerous bubbles.
In addition to the important factor of foaming agent performance, the introduction of gas into the foaming agent solution is another important factor, and the introduction of gas into the liquid must be done by a foam concrete machine, that is, the foam concrete machine uses a certain method to introduce the gas into the foaming agent.
A foam concrete machine is a device that can make foaming agent a certain concentration of an aqueous solution into foams. The foaming agent itself does not automatically become foams,  it must pass the mechanical action of the foam concrete machine to become foams.

foam concrete machine for sale

The foam concrete machine and the foaming agent are a technical system that cooperate with each other and cannot function alone. No one can do without it. Between the two, we can't say who is the main, who is the second, and its role is quite.
Without foaming agent, the foam concrete machine will not come out of the foam and lose its value. Similarly, without a foam concrete machine, the foaming agent is no better, it cannot be foams, and its use is lost.

Testing foams of the foaming agent is also a very important part, and can only be used when the foaming nozzle discharges white liquid. After the cement slurry is prepared, the foam and cement slurry are mixed in a static mixer and finally pumped to the job site by a hose pump. When the work is finished, the foam concrete machine must be cleaned.

foam concrete machine pump

The foam concrete machine is composed of five parts: feeding, foaming, mixing, pumping and control system. It adopts the hose pump frequency modulation pumping technology to overcome the shortage of the screw pump and plunger pump.
The disadvantages of the moving parts of screw pump and plunger pump are fragile, high maintenance costs and unstable engineering quality. So if you want to make foam concrete products, like CLC blocks, wall panels, etc., we are the best choice. 

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