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Filter press hydraulic system

2017-12-20 10:48:58

 Filter chamber of hydraulic filter press is composed by two filter plates. Under the pressure of feeding pump, suspension is pumped into each filter chamber, solid are stopped in filter chamber to form residue, while filtrate passes through filter cloth and flow along the filter plate trench to discharge channel. Solid is separated from liquid. When filtration is complete, washing water can be introduced to wash residue. After washing, compressed air can be introduced to blow remaining washing liquid out. Open filter plate and discharge cakes (cakes are stored in filter chamber between the two filter plates), clean filter cloth, and re-pressing plate to start the next working cycle.

Membrane filter press is the most popular hydraulic filter press. On the basis of hydraulic filter press, automatic membrane filter press is equipped with PLC control to realize auto plate shifting, it can save labor resource in largest degree. Auto membrane filter press is used in printing dyeing industry and papermaking industry, the cake moisture is below 35%. Compared with traditional belt filter press, automatic membrane filter press can keep cake moisture lower than 35%, dryness of cake is improved by 2-3 times, running costs is lower. It completely replaced belt filter press, and brought huge profits to the users. Automatic membrane filter press operates fully automatically, it is equipped with auto cloth cleaning system and electrically controlled valve instrument, and they can work with no human intervention.

hydraulic filter press

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