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Dual hydraulic fluid injection pump use and maintenance of the system

2014-12-17 16:22:15

Hydraulic fluid injection pump dual-use system
1, hydraulic dual fluid injection pump mixer separator should fill the thin yellow grease (piston to not have air pressure gauge section), having a good pressure gauge.
2, hydraulic dual fluid injection pump tank should fill 46 # wear and hydraulic oil, the oil should be less than 80% of total capacity (ie, the total height of the oil level is not less than 2/3).
3. Check the motor and pump, the pressure gauge switch opens, the regulator relief valve hand wheel loosened, jog the pump motor to check the direction of rotation is correct. All preparations are correct, the motor will start oil pressure adjusted to about 1-2MPa commissioning 5 minutes, if in normal operation the valve will open mixer discharge slurry to a certain degree, the hydraulic pressure transferred to the desired maximum pressure 10MPa, then stop the pump, ready to enter the work properly.
4, oil temperature 10-65 ℃, such as below 10 ℃, should be preheated: oil temperature exceeds 70 ℃, should stop working. Exposed moving parts plus a small amount of oil.
5, grouting is completed unplug U-clamp, suction pump water to flush pumps, piping, mixers, less than 10 minutes, until the water flows out so far.

The hydraulic double fluid injection pump maintenance, repair system
1, hydraulic dual fluid injection pump should use the specified 46 # wear and hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil is not allowed to replace other models. 2, the main hydraulic system pressure does not exceed the maximum rated pressure of 10MPa, the pressure at the mixer.
3, when operating the commutation mechanism moving parts dropping oil.
4, grouting is completed, suction slurry tank and rinse all parts of the pipeline, at least 10 minutes, until the slurry pipe outflow of water so far.
5, when the long-term parking at all moving parts smear butter, suction, exhaust slurry valve port ball valve smear butter. 6, before each use, jog the motor, observe the steering, steering and labeled the same. 7, when the work should always check the high pressure hose U-shaped clamp is loose, to prevent the hose off wounding.

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