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Drilling machine maintenance

2015-03-05 10:19:34

Since its establishment, we have been focusing on quality, the company in the first, service-oriented principle, to provide customers with the highest quality drilling machine.
1, filter maintenance: filter acts as the oil or gas line filtration of impurities, to prevent their entering the system and causing internal fault; various filters should be changed regularly; when to replace the filter, you should check whether there is a metal attached to the old filter , if there is metal particles, it is timely diagnosis and improvement measures; pure filter machine conforming provisions.
2, fuel management: according to different ambient temperatures use of different grades of diesel oil; diesel fuel is not mixed with impurities, dust and water will keep the fuel pump premature wear; high levels of low-grade fuel in paraffin and sulfur, will the engine cause harm; daily operations after the fuel tank to be filled fuel tank inner wall to prevent water drops; daily operations before the bottom of the fuel drain valve open water.
3, grease management: using oil (butter) can reduce wear on moving surfaces to prevent noise. When grease is stored custody, not mixed with dirt, sand, water and other impurities; recommend use of lithium-based grease G2-L1, good anti-wear performance for heavy loads; when raised, to try out all the old oil and clean, to prevent sand adhesion.

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