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Drill mud pump for borehole water well drilling

2020-03-17 17:57:18

Drill mud pump for borehole water well drilling
Drill mud pump is a kind of portable mud pump. It can be used in railway, within the water, metallurgy, construction, geological industry deep hole 1500m geological exploration, engineering exploration with pump. It is also very suitable for the close reading of medium and low pressure cement paste.

mud pump for water well drilling

The drill mud pump for borehole water well drilling is equipped with a drilling machine, which can drill holes in the mud. During drilling, the mud pump pumps the mud into the hole to provide coating on the wall, lubricate the drilling tools and bring rock debris to the surface. It is suitable for geological core drilling and exploration drilling with depth less than 1500m. The main features are high pressure, high lift, low energy consumption, simple operation, good quality, strong and durable, easy to move, especially in irrigated mountainous areas.

drill mud pump

Drill mud pumps are also the main equipment of geological survey, and their main role in core drilling is to supply fluid (mud or water) to circulate during drilling and transport rock waste back to the ground, so as to achieve and maintain bottom hole cleanness and lubricate drill bit and drilling tool by cooling.

drilling rig mud pumps

The drilling slurry pump shall not contain chemical impurities corrosive to metal and rubber parts, and the temperature of the fluid shall not exceed 50°. When flushing with mud, the recommended cement ratio is 1.03 to 1.12, mud viscosity is 18 to 25s, mud content is less than 4%, sand diameter is not more than 3 mm, and pH value is about 7 to 8. Small mud balls, weeds, leaves and other impurities are not allowed in the mud.

drill mud pump for borehole

Features of drill mud pump for borehole water well drilling:
1. The design on the use of new ideas, new structure, new materials, new technology.
2. This mud pump for water well drilling is designed with multiple shifts for flexible speed and displacement adjustment. 
3. Loss of long life, high reliability, with long service life of high wear parts.
4. In addition, it is easy to operate and convenient to maintain, keeping the maintenance cost low. 
5. Compact structure, light weight, small volume, easy assembly and disassembly, this mud water pump enjoys stable performance. Beautiful appearance, is driven by a hydraulic motor, motor, diesel engine
6. Horizontal pump to improve standardization, seriation, generalization, crankshaft, connecting rod body, the cross head, the pump head and some other components related to serialization and the universal, the other components of the reduced species.
7. This slurry mud pump is primarily used as low and medium grouting pump in geological drilling, geological engineering construction and foundation treatment.

mud pump for borehole

This drill mud pump is extensively utilized in industries including geology, coal, building, metallurgy, chemicals, railway, water conservancy, oil and other fields.
1. Project: construction drilling of the project, such as exploration, geotechnical exploration (Geological Exploration), railway, highway, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, oil well, industrial and civil construction;
2. Exploration: coal mine exploration, ore exploration;
3. Water well: small diameter water well drilling;
4. Pipeline installation: heat pump geothermal pipeline installation;
5. Foundation pile: small diameter hole foundation pile drilling.

piston mud pumps

For more information about duplex mud pump and triplex drilling rig mud pump for sale, please email us: info@gaodetec.com

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