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Double acting hydraulic jack for sale

2018-02-18 14:32:17

Last month on 13th we sent seven sets of hydraulic jack to Azerbaijan, this is a 320 tons, 800 mm stroke double acting hydraulic jack, and it is matched with a 7.5 KW oil pump station, it is  three phase 380 V 50 HZ.

The hydraulic jack is a customized hydraulic jack for sale, belong to synchronous control applications hydraulic jack, one oil pump with two jacks, used for offshore operation.

Double acting hydraulic jack feature:

1. Lifting Bridge, pushing tunnel;

2. Installing and debugging heavy equipment;

3. Lifting ship body, install or disassemble propeller, and install main machine;

4. Lifting or moving existing buildings;

5. Lifting and measuring drilling platform;

6. The synchronous press machine, horizontally move load etc. projects;

Specification: one pump with two jacks, one pump with four jacks, one pump with six jacks, one pump with eight jacks, one pump with ten jacks, one pump with twelve jacks, one pump with fourteen jacks, one pump with sixteen jacks;
Tonnage: 10 tons、20 tons、30 tons、50 tons、100 tons、150 tons、200 tons、320 tons、500 tons、630 tons、800 tons、1000 tons;

Power of pump station: 1.5 KW、3 KW、4 KW、5.5 KW、7.5 KW、11 KW、13 KW. 

7sets one pump with two hydraulic jacks:

7.5kw 210L oil pump

320ton 800mm stroke hydraulic jack

320ton  hydraulic cylinder

Synchronous jacks are applicable to:

1. H
ydraulic jack for synchronous lifting support construction for a long time

Sync lifting support construction for a long time

2. H
ydraulic jack synchronous displacement of bridges

Synchronous displacement of Bridges

3. S
ynchronous jacks for synchronous lifting building 

Synchronous lifting building

Synchronous jack for synchronous moving of bridges

Synchronous moving of bridges

5. Customized hydraulic jack synchronous moving

Synchronous moving

One oil pump with twelve 
hydraulic jacks to Korea

One oil pump with two jacks to Philippines

One oil pump with three 
hydraulic jacks to Australian

One oil pump with four 
hydraulic jack to Malaysia

One pump with eight jacks t
o Singapore

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