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Double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jacks

2022-01-25 18:50:54

Double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jacks
Double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jack refers to a jack that uses a plunger or a hydraulic cylinder as a rigid lifting member. It has the characteristics of compact structure, stable work, large supporting force, and self-locking. It consists of an oil chamber, an oil pump, an oil storage cavity, and a piston, crank, oil valve and other main components.

Double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jacks

When double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jack is working, as long as the crank handle is reciprocated, the manual oil pump continuously presses oil into the cylinder. Due to the continuous oil pressure in the cylinder, the piston and the heavy objects on the piston are forced to move upward together, and the oil return valve is opened. The high-pressure oil flows back to the oil storage chamber, so the weight and the piston fall together.

The supporting capacity of hydraulic jacks is strong, and the supporting force of heavy-duty hydraulic jacks exceeds 100t. It should be noted that when adjusting the speed of the synchronous circuit of the hydraulic jack, the two jacks should be adjusted to the same starting position, and then the speed adjustment should be carried out; the speed adjustment of the hydraulic jack should be carried out under normal oil pressure and normal oil temperature; and the speed stability is required For high hydraulic systems, the speed changes should be observed under load conditions; the speed adjustment of the hydraulic jacks is completed, and then the stroke orientation, program actions and safety interlocking equipment of each hydraulic jack are adjusted. Trial operation can only be carried out after all targets have reached the planning requirements.

Double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jacks

What is the specific relationship between the lifting and lowering speed of the double acting hydraulic jack and the flow rate? To answer this question, we need to know two parameters. One is the volume of the internal cavity of the hydraulic jack (that is, the amount of oil required by the hydraulic jack), and the other is the high-pressure flow and low-pressure flow of the pumping station (provided that we Using a variable plunger pump), and then load, we can calculate the lifting speed and falling speed of the hydraulic jack according to the oil demand and flow rate of the hydraulic jack.
Under normal circumstances, the lifting speed of the hydraulic jack is slower than the lowering speed after unloading, because the hydraulic jack is mainly working with high pressure when the load is working, and the low pressure is only at the beginning of work, and then the high pressure is involved, and the unloading On the return journey, the high and low pressure work together, so the descending speed is higher than the jacking speed.

Double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jack

For double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jacks, it must be a reasonable operation process when using hydraulic jacks. When using hydraulic jacks, choose appropriate lifting and reasonable selection of the hydraulic jack's focus point. In addition, the bottom of the hydraulic jack should be flattened to make the bearing capacity even, which should be sufficient Consider the hardness and softness of the ground, and see if it is necessary to wash wood. Of course, when placing it, it should be ensured that it is stable and prevents the net weight of the hydraulic jack from being dented or tilted. In particular, pay attention to when the hydraulic jack lifts up the suspended object, it should be disassembled and fixed immediately to make the support point column unchanged. And the hydraulic jack cannot be used as a supporting point column. The hydraulic jack is not a clamp-on hydraulic jack, and the function of the supporting point column cannot be guaranteed.

 If you are interested in our double acting 100 ton lifting hydraulic jacks, please contact us freely: info@gaodetec.com

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