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Customized stainless steel frame filter press

2018-06-28 09:43:18

Stainless steel frame filter press is suitable or all kinds of suspending liquid solid and liquid separation, can be used for food, chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment, electronics, textile, electroplating, etc.

Stainless steel filter press used in 304 or 316L stainless steel, corrosion resistant, durable, filter plate adopts screw structure, according to different filter media and production process (Primary filter, half fine filter, fine filter) need to change different filter material (filter material available microporous membrane filter, filter paper, filter cloth, clarification plate and so on, using microporous membrane filter can achieve aseptic filtration purpose), users also according to the size of the filter quantity, corresponding to reduce or increase the layer that is suitable for the production need. According to user needs, we can supply multistage filter device, the first to put a coarse filter materials, secondary put a fine filter materials, not only save time, but improve the filtering precision. Seal parts of the machine all are used silica gel seal, high temperature resistance, non-toxic, no leakage, sealed performance is good. According to user needs, fit automatic return device to the filter, when the pump stop rotation, then open the backflow valve, all sediment automatic discharge (with exhaust function), at the same time use the water from the return pipe washing.

Feature And Benefits

The application of pressure sealed filtering, and filtering liquid loss is less.

By replacing filter elements, semi precision filtering, precision filtering etc. requirements can be realized.

By increasing or reducing quantity of filter plates, various filtering capacity can be realized.

Filter plate is made up from plane threaded mesh shape, and easy washing and long service life and can reduce cost with wheel at the bottom and flexible moving

Special design of dust protection cover of hydraulic rod and it is good for long term service time.

We can customize this stainless steel filter press as your requirement. If you want a higher flowrate, it can be customized. If you want to use a pressure pump, we can also supply explosion-proof motor equipped with this filter press. 

stainless steel frame filter press

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