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Construction of the advantages of concrete pumps

2015-01-26 11:00:10

Experts pointed out: concrete pump delivery and casting has been the object of many studies currently under construction in different conditions, a reasonable choice of concrete pump method and apparatus for improving its significance has labor productivity. Large cast concrete buildings in the past, the traditional method commonly used bucket, using lifts, cranes, conveyor belts, etc., but they all have a lot of flaws, but it is currently a lot of concrete pump concrete delivery device ideal one. So the advantages of concrete pump construction, what does?
1. Save compressive
Construction of concrete pumps can solve simultaneous horizontal and vertical transportation and pour concrete problems, in addition to the degree of mechanization concrete pump construction is quite high, and requires very little labor, construction is very simple, very high compressive strength. Compressive strength of concrete is generally 20 ~ 40Mpa, and some can be as high as 80 ~ 120 Mpa, suitable for structural materials.
2. efficient and practical
Concrete pump usually requires continuous casting operation, general construction efficiency is very high, and the progress of work soon. Also due to the reinforcement of joint work quite well, and the thermal expansion coefficient of concrete and reinforced similar mechanical characteristics can complement each other, and reinforced the bond strength is strong, it can be made of reinforced concrete, to expand the application range.
3. Excellent quality
When pumping concrete, concrete quality due process requirements more stringent, so the pumping of concrete quality is a kind of test, the other due to the pumping is performed continuously, and pumping of concrete is not easy to isolate, so concrete slump degree is not very easy to guarantee the quality of the project.

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